Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A fresh start...

This blog is all about my journey to a healthier me. Kicking old habits and hopefully keeping some better ones.

I decided to start over with a fresh new month so on the 1st I have drastically lowered my intake of 5-6 dr pepper's a day down to one or none. I am trying my best to get in 8 cups of water each day. And at least do some daily walking if not more.

So far I've kept the dr peppers to a minimum and done some kind of physical daily activity. On Friday I did a 50 minute dance workout video with a friend of mine and walked to cool down afterwards with her. I plan to try to get that in at least once a week.

Here is where I will post updates about how successful I am in order to keep my motivation up and going. I'll be taking my measurements and hopping on the scale later, and I might even take a few pictures to help me see where all this is going.