Thursday, November 28, 2013

Sooo busy!

I realize its been well over a month since my last post but not much has changed in the weight department. I keep teetering from 232 to 233 for the last few weeks now. My bike broke a couple weeks ago and so i haven't been able to use it to get to work and the weather got really bad so I had to start catching rides so there went my exercise... i don't have much time to do anything else since I work so much. I picked up a second job at the beginning of the month and now I cashier at the gas station in the mornings and then work at the daycare in the afternoons. I am the new schoolers teacher and get to be in charge of all the kids who we go pick up in the van from the elementary school nearby. So roughly 25 kids ages kindergarten through 5th grade all to myself for about 4 hours. I have to come up with projects for them to do and games to play in the gym or outside activities when the weather is good, etc. I wanted to quit the first week but I'm glad I stuck with it. Its rough being away from my own kids so much because by the time I get home there is only an hour until bedtime and often they are so worn out from their days they are already asleep when i get home so I try to spend as much time with them as I can when not working. That being said... Happy Thanksgiving everyone and I'm back to enjoy mine with my family! love you all!