I've been thinking about these things I've been hoping to accomplish for years now... but now that I'm finally doing something to end all this madness I think it's time for me to write this all down. As I am able to meet these non scale victories I will strike-through them. :)

(***Update*** I had many of these marked through by the end of 2011 but as my weight has climbed back up my ability to keep things crossed off this list has gone down)

* I want to be able to use a regular sized towel and wrap it around my entire body without any parts of me hanging out. I'm tired of having to use beach towels or oversized towels just to feel comfortable.

* I want to get on a ride at six flags and not be embarrassed that I have to suck in before I can buckle the straps or put down the safety bars.

* I want to be able to just put on my seat belt in the car without having to first pull it all the way out to make sure it will stretch far enough. Especially when I'm riding in someone else's car for the first time.

* I want to go into any regular store and be able to find more than 3 things that will fit me. Clothes, shoes, belts, jewelry, etc... I want to buy things and know they will fit me without having to try them on first.

* I want to breath normally when climbing stairs or even just walking fast.

* I want to be able to shave my underarms and legs and stuff without having to use one hand to move a flab of fat out of the way to see things.

* I want to be able to do a sit up, a push up, and a pull up. Without any assistance.

* I want to be able to get on a ride or something at the fair or six flags or wherever with another adult and not worry that I may be pushing us over the weight limit.

* I want to jump on a trampoline and not be scared i might bounce too hard and hit the ground or shoot a spring flying off in some crazy direction.

* I want to wear knee socks or knee high boots without having to worry they might not zip or lace up all the way because my calves are too huge. Or to be able to wear thigh highs or pantyhose that are actually comfortable and don't leave bright red marks cutting off my circulation.

*I want to be able to cross my legs up by my thighs instead of just down by my ankles having to constantly remember to squeeze my thighs together.

*I want to run in a race.

*I want to run a marathon someday.

*I want to win a race someday.

*I want a stranger/new friend who doesn't know what I used to look like to ask me something about why I would be drinking a diet drink or ordering a light meal or doing anything to be perceived as watching my figure, because they couldn't possibly imagine I have a problem with that.

*I want to become a personal trainer.

*I want to see my children take up an interest in their own health and fitness someday.

*I want to learn what kinds of foods are the proper ones to fuel your body and know all I can about nutrition.

*I want to be a better me every single day than I was the one before.