Friday, July 31, 2015

Oh Hello there 2015...

Haha, yes it's a bit late... but better late than never, right?!

I've been having one hell of a year so far! I finally moved back out of my parents house after spending 6 years stuck in a rut and living under their roof again. I am now in a very nice home I am renting from an old man who apparently built this house with his parents back in the mid 1950s.

My daughter's father is back in our lives full force and has been the most wonderful significant other. He is currently looking for work, but in the meantime has really stepped up as one hell of a stay at home dad. He cooks, does dishes, laundry, mows the lawn, and generally takes care of the house like a bad ass. On top of that he picks our kids up early from daycare so that I can finish closing down without the hassle of them being there, and so that they can have extra time at home to play with their own toys they don't have to share. Some might say well if he doesn't work then why do they go? Well they love the social interaction of playing with their friends and going to 'school' during the week. I think it's good for us all.

I have gone from back to working 2 jobs in January and then back again to solely at the daycare this June. They promised to keep me at 40 hours, full time, no matter what. When my class starts back to school this fall they are going to find work for me by either cutting someone else's hours who has been slacking off or sending me to one of the other 2 centers to help as needed. In other work related news, I was just told I am being promoted to a new position they are creating just for me. I will be in charge of implementing a brand new curriculum that I get to create myself and it will be used at all 3 of our centers. I also am fully in charge of planning all field trips and other such events for all of our schoolers programs during summer breaks and school holidays. I start this job title officially on August 24th when everyone goes back to school. I will be allotted 5 hours per week to work solely on planning these things. I am even allowed to work from home and simply write down my hours to turn in to the boss. I am thrilled to be trusted with so much responsibility, although a bit nervous to be doing sooo much.

After a 10 year hiatus, I am also finally going back to school! I start classes on the same day my son begins 2nd grade. I am going to major in early childhood education. Like I said, this year has been pretty damn rad. :)

My boy turns 7 in just a couple of weeks and his baby sister will be 3 years old shortly afterwards. My kiddos are growing up so fast. I am super proud of how awesome they are turning out though.

With life as busy as it has been so far, I've put my weightloss journey on the backburner again. I want to find a way to continue making progress though because I know my health is important for not just my own kids, but the children I teach as well as my wonderful boyfriend, and most importantly myself!!