Friday, June 28, 2013

Turn a setback in to a comeback

So I've been hopping around from page to page on facebook and blogger looking for new inspirations. It seems a lot of my favorite bloggers have stopped writing for one reason or another over the last couple years and I just really want to keep myself surrounded with good healthy motivational reads or at least people I can commiserate with when things aren't going how we want. :)

I found a new blogger today who I'm immediately entrhalled with. She is on facebook at and her blog is at Her posts are quite entertaining so far and she just had a baby last year, too. She is a lot closer to pre-baby weight than I am but I won't hold that against her. lol. Apparently she is some sort of fitness trainer for a living and I aspire to be able to do the same someday. She has a ton of at home workouts listed on one of her blogger pages and I can't wait to see how bad they kick my ass.

As far as things with me go, I am doing rather well. I'm pretty sure this is the first time all year that I have truly gotten back in to counting calories and sticking with it. I am so excited for whats to come now that eating is getting under control and I don't feel this constant need to devour everything in my sight anymore. Exercising was the easy part. I fell in love with that back in 2011. Eating well has always been the struggle but once it becomes habit again I think it'll be so much easier to maintain.

My fiance is still gone looking for work in another town but he said that even though he hasn't heard back from anywhere yet, a lot of jobs sound promising. His friend is taking him to another company today who he thinks will most likely hire him. We're not quite sure if the upcoming holiday is something employers are waiting to pass before they get back in to doing interviews and looking to hire people or not. Sparky has told me that most everything he's applied for so far has a pretty decent pay scale and that when he starts working he should be able to afford to move us all out there soon afterwards. I hope we hear something right away because it'd be nice to move before Jett starts kindergarten and in time for me to know where to plan the kids birthday party. Jett will be 5 on August 14th and Bethany turns 1 on the 28th. She is exactly 10 months old today!

I thought by 10 months I could have easily been back down to pre-pregnancy weight or at least somewhere near it. lol. Oh well. Better late than never!

While searching through pages on facebook this morning, I saw someone post this saying that really rings true for me right now with all that has been going on over the last year or so. Turn a setback in to a comeback. I like that. To me it says that no matter what happens, stop listing all the reasons why you can't do it. Start finding all the reasons you can and should. It will make it all soo much easier when your mind is in the right place.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Working it this Wednesday...

Yup. :)

My daughter woke up at 6am to eat and so I decided to just stay up and get my workout in before she was really awake and active and while my son was still resting, too. My fiance left a couple days ago to stay with a friend of ours who lives in a bigger city to look for work there since nothing has been panning out here and we are getting pretty desperate to move out of my parents place. With him gone, I was finding it hard to make time to workout at all yesterday even though I wanted to, so I just didn't. I did however stay within my calorie range goals and am happy with that much. Today though I wanted to really step up my game.

I ate Kashi Go Lean Crisp Cinnamon Crumble cereal for breakfast and then did the first 2 of the 10 Minute Solutions: Carb Burner. I wanted to get on the treadmill but could not find the key for it. I'll have to ask my mom where she hid it (from the kids) when she wakes up before heading to work tonight. I wasn't really feelin the whole workout dvd thing though so after that I decided I still needed to do some sort of strength training with my hand weights and did about 18 minutes of random moves I remembered from various exercises I had seen on dvds, pinterest, or in magazines. Got plenty of bicep, tricep, shoulder, chest, and back moves in the routine. I definitely worked up a sweat as well. I had most of a banana after that. Part of it was starting to bruise though, so I chunked the rest.

I needed to do some grocery shopping to get formula for the baby and more spinach for myself as well as a few other random things so I headed out shortly after that. When I got home and put everything away I decided it was time for some Wii fit since I haven't tried that in forever and really just needed something fun to do instead. I spent an hour playing games on there doing yoga, strength training, cardio, and balance. I think it said I had burned roughly 215 calories from those things.

At some point I had a spinach salad that I ate most of but definitely not all. The leaves were starting to wilt a little I think and didn't taste as good as normal. Glad I picked up more at the store today. That was the last of that package anyways. For lunch I had a turkey and fat free cheese sandwich with mustard on whole wheat bread and a pickle spear. I had one zero calorie energy drink today but other than that I've only drank water with everything. I wasn't intending on having the Monster energy drink but my mom just got a new flavor that recently came out and I hadn't tried it yet. Her can smelled just like blue raspberry though and so I had to try one for myself. It did smell like blue raspberry, but the taste actually reminded me of Sprite berry remix. You remember those? lol. I think they were around when I was in like middle school. It was pretty good either way. I wont make a habit of it though.

It's only 3:30pm now but I feel pretty accomplished with my day so far. I do still want to get on the treadmill later or see if I can get the kids in a good enough mood to sit together in the bike trailer/jogging stroller when it cools down just before sunset. If nothing else I will try the elliptical. It's not easy finding time without my partner here to help and 2 kids this time around but I'm not gonna let that stop me. I'm tired of being full of excuses. I am better than that.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Making myself proud.

Well today started out kinda rocky since I let last night go to waste pretty much. Yesterday started out so well though. I walked my son up to his last day of VBS and before I hit the end of my street, a random neighbor stopped me to tell me how proud she was of me. She said she had noticed me out walking every morning this week. That made me feel great and I was in a wonderful mind set for most of the day. On my way home from dropping Jett off, I noticed another one of my neighbors/an old friend from high school was walking her daughter up to VBS, too. She had driven up there every other day this week so I can't but think maybe my actions just rubbed off on her. :)

While Jett was gone to VBS, I decided to clean up the living room and kitchen. I vacuumed everywhere and got everything cleared up before Bethany even woke up. When she did, I handed her off to my mom and dad just long enough to do my next day of 30 day shred. Soon after that it was time to go pick up Jett.

After we got home, my mother decided we should all go out to Hurricane Harbor since we have season passes and ride the brand new rides they just opened today. Yesterday they were only open to season pass holders. We had a blast and baby girl floated down the lazy river most of the day with whoever wasn't off riding rides at the time. It was when it came time to leave that things deteriorated quickly.

My mom decided to take us all out to Golden Corral and I had just been talking to Sparky about how I had been craving their food and he had, too. We both totally caved as soon as we got inside and ate wayyy too much food. It was soo delicious though and I hardly ever get to eat steaks anymore so I really enjoyed it and can't say I totally regret it. I am kinda glad it happened early on during this first week so I can get all that out of my system. I've got to keep thinking positive. At least I was good and ordered water instead of soda.

This morning I wasn't feeling so great because of all the eating that happened last night and so I was lazing about eating popcorn and watching movies. I don't think I've had too much to eat today already, but I'm about to enter it in to myfitnesspal and see where I'm at. Around an hour and a half ago I decided it was time to get out of this funk and do a new workout. I picked out one I hadn't tried at all yet and it kicked my butt in to gear just like I needed. It was 10 Minute Solutions: Carb Burner. 50 minutes of pure awesome. I was able to do almost all of it but it was still very challenging all the way through. I am feeling pretty great right about now.

I still need to do another C25K run today for week 4 and see if I can also find time to do the next day of 30 day shred. It's only 5pm though so I should be able to just fine.

 It's wonderful that I'm making complete strangers proud of me, but I really need to work on making myself proud of me if I'm ever gonna truly change for the better.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Going strong

Well I never managed to make it around to that extra workout yesterday but after this morning, I'm kinda glad I didn't. I don't wanna overdo it and mess myself up too bad. lol. I am all kinds of sore today! I had wondered most of the morning what exactly it was the hurt so bad or if it was just the combination of crunches and weights and running, etc. that had me all banged up. Then I get around to doing Day 2 of the 30 day shred and realize exactly what it was. My flab! During all those jumping jacks it kept smacking up and down around my ribs and that's exaclty where I was sore. lol. That and in my legs a bit but I knew that was form the squat parts. haha. Oh well, no pain - no gain! To an extent anyways...

So far today my eating has been better than yesterday. I still think it needs vast improvement but its a step in the right direction. I've decided I'm going to give My fitness pal a try once more instead of fatsecret. Fatsecret didn't have an app compatible with my phone but myfitnesspal does. Anyone looking for me on there, I think I have 2 accounts by mistake but the one I am using is jen112685. I updated it with todays eats and exercises so far. I feel like I still need to do something else today but I haven't quite made up my mind about what yet.

The stress in my life continues to rise but I'm kinda throwing myself in to this getting healthy again thing to try and be more focussed on bettering the things in my life I can control and not worrying too much about the ones I cannot. Here's hoping that I'll actually believe that soon.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Starting over and over and over...

Yeah I know... this is only the 87th time I've tried to start over this year. lol. Or something like that. But I'm never going to give up for good! I have let myself down a lot in the past several months and I know that all of the legitimate excuses in the world wont change any of that so no need to list them all!

So.... Here I go again on my own. Goin' down the only road I've ever known. Like a drifter I was born to walk alone. An' I've made up my mind, I ain't wasting no more time.... wait a minute... Sorry getting distracted.

Well I have been trying all day today to get back in to the swing of things. I walked Jett to VBS this morning and then came home and had a healthy breakfast of eggwhites with cayenne pepper and turkey bacon. After doing all the dishes in the kitchen, I did 10 minutes of a new exercise dvd I hadn't tried yet. It was a 10 minute video that has like 5 different 10 minute workouts and I decided it was a little more advanced than I am right now so I'll put off trying it again for awhile. I then proceeded to start the 30 day shred again. Not long after that it was time to get Jett but as I headed out the door to go get him it started to sprinkle on me so I had to take the car again. This afternoon I went for a bike ride with my fiance for the first time. It had been a long while since I had ridden by myself either though. He really enjoyed it, especially after realizing how messed up his feet are and that he can't run anymore until seeing a doctor. Just finished up dinner and had a little more than I intended. Lunch was avocado, black bean, and tomato on two wheat tortillas but Dinner was pasta. I tried a new garden vegetable pasta made from spinach, tomato, and carrots. It was good but I know I ate too much. Oh well. After letting that digest I filled up my water bottle and then headed outside for Week 4, Day 1 of the Couch to 5k program. I restarted C25k from the beginning a few weeks ago and have really been enjoying learning to love running again. The last time I did it was September and so the weather just kept getting cooler as my runs got harder. This time starting in the beginning of summer things only keep getting hotter! I've decided to only run at night though right about an hour before it gets dark outside so that its cool enough I don't completely die. I still manage to come home dripping sweat each time though. :) Later tonight before bed I'm going to do one more exercise dvd. I'm thinking Crunch: Ab Attack most likely.

I know my eating habits are the worst right now and thats what I've really got to put in check. I'm going to try to keep a food diary again and count calories once again. I know I said that on my last post a couple months ago but that went out the window fast. Its the only thing that's ever really worked for me though and so I have to attempt it again. I will not give up on myself!