Saturday, June 22, 2013

Making myself proud.

Well today started out kinda rocky since I let last night go to waste pretty much. Yesterday started out so well though. I walked my son up to his last day of VBS and before I hit the end of my street, a random neighbor stopped me to tell me how proud she was of me. She said she had noticed me out walking every morning this week. That made me feel great and I was in a wonderful mind set for most of the day. On my way home from dropping Jett off, I noticed another one of my neighbors/an old friend from high school was walking her daughter up to VBS, too. She had driven up there every other day this week so I can't but think maybe my actions just rubbed off on her. :)

While Jett was gone to VBS, I decided to clean up the living room and kitchen. I vacuumed everywhere and got everything cleared up before Bethany even woke up. When she did, I handed her off to my mom and dad just long enough to do my next day of 30 day shred. Soon after that it was time to go pick up Jett.

After we got home, my mother decided we should all go out to Hurricane Harbor since we have season passes and ride the brand new rides they just opened today. Yesterday they were only open to season pass holders. We had a blast and baby girl floated down the lazy river most of the day with whoever wasn't off riding rides at the time. It was when it came time to leave that things deteriorated quickly.

My mom decided to take us all out to Golden Corral and I had just been talking to Sparky about how I had been craving their food and he had, too. We both totally caved as soon as we got inside and ate wayyy too much food. It was soo delicious though and I hardly ever get to eat steaks anymore so I really enjoyed it and can't say I totally regret it. I am kinda glad it happened early on during this first week so I can get all that out of my system. I've got to keep thinking positive. At least I was good and ordered water instead of soda.

This morning I wasn't feeling so great because of all the eating that happened last night and so I was lazing about eating popcorn and watching movies. I don't think I've had too much to eat today already, but I'm about to enter it in to myfitnesspal and see where I'm at. Around an hour and a half ago I decided it was time to get out of this funk and do a new workout. I picked out one I hadn't tried at all yet and it kicked my butt in to gear just like I needed. It was 10 Minute Solutions: Carb Burner. 50 minutes of pure awesome. I was able to do almost all of it but it was still very challenging all the way through. I am feeling pretty great right about now.

I still need to do another C25K run today for week 4 and see if I can also find time to do the next day of 30 day shred. It's only 5pm though so I should be able to just fine.

 It's wonderful that I'm making complete strangers proud of me, but I really need to work on making myself proud of me if I'm ever gonna truly change for the better.