Friday, February 24, 2012

I can't wait until spring!

Yesterday was amazing... it was in the 80s here in Texas and I loved every minute of it. I even put on a sundress and flip flops! The few days before that were just as great. We went out to the Dallas Zoo this week and also had a few different playdates with other kids Jett's age and it's been nice driving around with my windows down breathing in all the fresh air. Today the high is only going to be in the 50s though so its back to wearing jeans and my jacket.

Been sick every morning still but that's a good sign so oh well. Hopefully soon that will lighten up since I am almost to the 2nd trimester! I have an appointment on Tuesday and will find out then when I get to schedule my appt for finding out my baby's sex! I cannot wait! I want to buy everything I see but keep talking myself out of it because I don't wanna get a bunch of neutral colored stuff. lol.

I went bike riding the other day and pulled Jett behind me in the bike trailer. The hills were freaking killer! I think I'll stick to walking for awhile before I get back out there and try that again. lol. I can't wait til the weather starts to get warm and actually stay that way because I am so looking forward to doing a lot of swimming this summer! That's something I still need to do though is find a decent maternity swimsuit... hmmm... any suggestions on where to look?

Friday, February 17, 2012

If it's not one thing it's another!

Got over my ear infection mostly and then came down with some sort of cold I guess. I've been coughing things up all week long and its not helping with my morning sickness at all. Blehhhh.

I still can't fully hear out of my left ear yet and it's driving me absolutely insane. I've got a funny voice when I talk right now and just ... grr.

I have started feeling the baby wiggle around a bit though. It's not much and yes it's kinda early for that but I'm sure it's the baby and not just gas or whatever. I think losing a lot of weight probably has a lot to do with me feeling it earlier this time, not to mention it being my 2nd pregnancy so of course I would. Coolness though. I can't wait til it's kicking around more where you can feel it on the outside and see it moving around like some weird alien. haha.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

I'm still alive... :D

Yeah I do still plan on blogging my health and fitness journey throughout this pregnancy! I know some of you were concerned I might stop. I was on hiatus this past week a bit but that was just because I was sicker than heck. Ughhhh I felt like I was dying. I'm actually still getting over it but hopefully by tomorrow it will be gone fully... maybe Monday at the latest. Please? lol. I've had a middle ear infection. Those things hurt bad by themselves, but when you are pregnant and you get sick, everything hurts worse and longer! Last time I was pregnant I got a cold and it lasted for 2 weeks instead of just one. I was soo miserable. My ear has been causing me soo much pain this past week. There were a couple days I couldnt really eat anything because it hurt too bad to open up my jaw far enough to get food in there. I was drinking applejuice all day long and anything I did manage to eat I threw it up. There was lots and lots of vomitting going on this week. I ended up dropping 5 lbs! Not how I wanted to do that... bleh.

But I can finally eat again so yay! I;m finally not too dizzy to sit in front of the computer fo rany length of time so yay!

Also my son had pink eye all this past week too so that's been keeping me busy as well.

Not much going on with my eating or exercise habits to report so I guess I've not got much to say other than hello out there... I'm still here! lol.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

My ultrasound video!

had to go to youtube to get it to upload correctly.

This is my 9 week ultrasound taken on January 31st 2012. I am due on Sept 4th!
If you turn the volume all the way up you can actually hear the heartbeat during that part of the scan.

Thank you so much to everyone who has congratulated me and wished me well. <3 I really appreciate it!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The secret's out!

So as a few of you know, and some of you may have suspected... I'm going to have a baby! I had to wait to share the news publicly with you guys until after I told my family first. I found out just before the new year so that is why my goals for living healthy in 2012 have changed pretty drastically. I no longer wish to be losing those last 20 lbs I had to go... and now I'm actually up to 189(with clothes and shoes on) as of my Dr's appt yesterday. I have put on about 10 lbs since finding out I was pregnant which is kind of a lot this early on, but at the same time I was eating 1200 calories per day and now I'm eating quite a bit more than that so it's to be expected to have a bit of a leap on the scale right away. Kinda like when someone diets for a time period and then goes back to eating how they used to, its much easier to gain it back and much faster. I'm trying not to fret too much and let this screw with my mind about my weight issues, etc... but it is going to be a challenge. Ideally I would like to stay under 200 lbs with this pregnancy, but I really need to stop focusing on numbers and just worry about continuing to eat better and make the healthiest choices possible while eating things that don't make me vomit instantly. lol. I've had a ton of morning sickness already and heartburn and gas and bloating and all those other fun early pregnancy symptoms.

I haven't been exercising as hardcore anymore of course and that's why I decided against P90x and joining the weightloss challenge. I do plan to stay active though and workout whenever I feel up to it. I've been walking and jogging some still. I hit up the fitness center all last week and today I even went to a huge bounce house playroom building full of slides and other cool stuff with my son and my boyfriend and his son and we all wore each other out bouncing around through all of those. It was definitely a workout. lol.

For those curious.. I am just over a couple months along right now and due on September 4th! I just might be able to get back on track to where I was headed by the end of 2012... we'll see. lol. I was sooo looking forward to summer time this year and a cuter bathing suit... but now it looks like I'm gonna be hot as heck all summer instead and have to find a maternity swimsuit, hah. I was due with Jett in August so I know just how bad it sucks to be pregnant all summer long. Oh well... Here's hoping I get a girl this time around! :) I should know sometime in April...

I also have a video of my ultrasound but blogger failed to upload it after me sitting here for an hour so screw it.. I'll share the video later. grr.

I did add a new ticker to the top of my page though.. I'll share it here as well.

Life is crazy awesome...

Things are hectic in my neck of the woods here lately but I have managed to still get out and do stuff everyday and keep myself moving. :)

I can't believe it's already February! Where the heck did January go? Ahhh! Insanity... lol

It's almost time for me to share my big secret. I can't wait to tell you guys and finally get things off my chest. Love you all and hope this new month brings you new challenges that I know you will strive to overcome!!

Good luck and good health!