Saturday, February 11, 2012

I'm still alive... :D

Yeah I do still plan on blogging my health and fitness journey throughout this pregnancy! I know some of you were concerned I might stop. I was on hiatus this past week a bit but that was just because I was sicker than heck. Ughhhh I felt like I was dying. I'm actually still getting over it but hopefully by tomorrow it will be gone fully... maybe Monday at the latest. Please? lol. I've had a middle ear infection. Those things hurt bad by themselves, but when you are pregnant and you get sick, everything hurts worse and longer! Last time I was pregnant I got a cold and it lasted for 2 weeks instead of just one. I was soo miserable. My ear has been causing me soo much pain this past week. There were a couple days I couldnt really eat anything because it hurt too bad to open up my jaw far enough to get food in there. I was drinking applejuice all day long and anything I did manage to eat I threw it up. There was lots and lots of vomitting going on this week. I ended up dropping 5 lbs! Not how I wanted to do that... bleh.

But I can finally eat again so yay! I;m finally not too dizzy to sit in front of the computer fo rany length of time so yay!

Also my son had pink eye all this past week too so that's been keeping me busy as well.

Not much going on with my eating or exercise habits to report so I guess I've not got much to say other than hello out there... I'm still here! lol.


  1. You poor thing :(. I hope all the sickness goes away for you and Jett ASAP!

  2. That definitely sounds lousy, hope you are feeling better.

  3. So sorry! I too got the double hit with a cold that morphed into a middle ear infection that resulted in two ruptured ear drums, PLUS I got pink eye. What the heck was that about??? SOOO glad you are on the mend. It really stinks being sick while pregnant!!

  4. oh god that sounds awful. i am really hoping i didnt bust my dang ear drum. i still dont have full hearing back yet and its really worrying me a lot.

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