Saturday, August 25, 2012

A new chapter begins...

So much is changing around here and so very soon! I'm anxious to see where life will take me next and it's definitely been cause for some restlessness these past few days.

Two false labor trips to the hospital and a regular Dr appointment this week has me expecting Bethany to arrive on Tuesday morning. I go in to be induced at 5am and so I'll be meeting my little girl sometime within the next 3 days.

My oldest starts his very first day of school on Monday. We went and did a meet the teacher night on Thursday and he's really looking forward to getting to play in his classroom and make new friends. I am happy for him and looking forward to the extra time alone with the baby, but I'm also sad he's growing up so fast.

While in the hospital yesterday morning waiting around in between getting checked by the nurses, my boyfriend is casually chatting with me about this, that, and the other. Then out of nowhere he says something along these lines... Hey so I know this isn't great timing with me being broke and jobless at the moment, but I really think I'd like to get married to you someday. It wasn't quite a proposal seeing as there was no yes or no question I guess, lol. I did tell him I felt the same though and would enjoy marrying him eventually one day. At this point I wasn't exactly sure if I should consider myself engaged or not, but after getting sent home he asked me while driving back to the house if it was alright for him to start referring to me as his fiance. I said sure it was. I guess that answers that. :)

All great things ahead for me in the near and far off future, but still a little nerve racking. So while I'm looking forward to all these changes, I am getting very little sleep these days. I can't wait to see how everything all turns out, yet at the same time I wanna try and just enjoy this moment in my life and how happy I truly am with it all.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My baby boy is growing up so fast!

Four years ago this morning, I was preparing to go in and get checked out at my 39week appointment. I knew the previous week I was 5cm and was barely allowed to go home and wait it out after being monitored for several hours to see if I was having any regular contractions yet, so I went ahead and took my bags with me. After getting called in to the examination room at my doctor's office and being checked out she saw that I was already dilated 7cm and said alright lady you're having a baby today! Go to the hospital now and I'll be over shortly to come break your water. By 9:11pm that night I gave birth to a very healthy and active baby boy who amazes me more and more each day. Happy Birthday Jett! I can't believe he's starting school in just under 2 weeks now. Being 9 months pregnant with his little sister I get the joy of crying over all these little things today. Pretty soon that same doctor will help me bring her in to the world as well. Today is full of so many emotions. ♥

Saturday, August 11, 2012

20ish days left...

Yeah pretty much. My baby girl is due in about 23 days now but I'm willing to bet she'll be here shortly before that. I'm thinking by the end of August. I hit 37 weeks this Tuesday which also happens to be my son's 4th birthday. Can't believe its already been 4 years since I was getting ready to have him. Craziness for sure! Anyways... had my last ultrasound done a little over a week ago. Finally got the pictures and video up so thought I'd share them here. :)

Profile shot of her forehead, nose, mouth, and hand up by her face. We are both wondering where she got that little round nose from though. haha

pointing to her girly parts on the left. that bit white part on the bottom is one of her legs. :)

good strong heart rate at 138bpm