Saturday, August 25, 2012

A new chapter begins...

So much is changing around here and so very soon! I'm anxious to see where life will take me next and it's definitely been cause for some restlessness these past few days.

Two false labor trips to the hospital and a regular Dr appointment this week has me expecting Bethany to arrive on Tuesday morning. I go in to be induced at 5am and so I'll be meeting my little girl sometime within the next 3 days.

My oldest starts his very first day of school on Monday. We went and did a meet the teacher night on Thursday and he's really looking forward to getting to play in his classroom and make new friends. I am happy for him and looking forward to the extra time alone with the baby, but I'm also sad he's growing up so fast.

While in the hospital yesterday morning waiting around in between getting checked by the nurses, my boyfriend is casually chatting with me about this, that, and the other. Then out of nowhere he says something along these lines... Hey so I know this isn't great timing with me being broke and jobless at the moment, but I really think I'd like to get married to you someday. It wasn't quite a proposal seeing as there was no yes or no question I guess, lol. I did tell him I felt the same though and would enjoy marrying him eventually one day. At this point I wasn't exactly sure if I should consider myself engaged or not, but after getting sent home he asked me while driving back to the house if it was alright for him to start referring to me as his fiance. I said sure it was. I guess that answers that. :)

All great things ahead for me in the near and far off future, but still a little nerve racking. So while I'm looking forward to all these changes, I am getting very little sleep these days. I can't wait to see how everything all turns out, yet at the same time I wanna try and just enjoy this moment in my life and how happy I truly am with it all.


  1. Ah, no sleep before the baby's just getting you ready for the baby! I hope everything works out for you. Don't rush into anything while your hormones are all out of whack being pregnant. Make sure it's the right things for everyone involved. I'll be thinking of you on Tuesday and praying for a safe delivery and a healthy baby girl!! Let us know when you can how things went!!

  2. I had my 2nd when my 1st was a kindergardner. Congrats!

  3. Thanks and trust me, I'm not rushing in to anything. I've known him 6 years now and would spend the rest of my life with him whether or not we ever got married. I know he loves me and my son and that my son adores him. I also love his son very much. I'll be 27 soon and had my fair share of ups and downs with other relationships, enough to know by now what I really want. In the case of my first born, I remained single throughout my entire pregnancy, etc, not because the father did't want to try and have a relationship with me from the beginning but because I knew that he was not someone I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I think I have a strong enough head on my shoulder's to make good decisions for myself even in the case of being a crazy hormonal pregnant woman. But thanks for the concern.

  4. Good luck during delivery and the settling in of your newly expanded family! Lots of changes and adjustments for you coming up. How exciting!

    1. thanks love! very exciting indeed. :)