Sunday, December 16, 2012

Stress and struggles

So here it is over a month since my last post as I shamefully crawl back to the blogosphere. Things have been tough for my family as of late and when it seems like we need just one more thing to get back on top we find out after doing that one thing that now there's just one more thing standing in the way, and this has been going on, over and over again for a few months now. Somethings gotta give! That being said, I've been stressed to the max and as most of us know by now eating has been one of my stress relievers over all these years. Otherwise,  how else did I get this way? lol. I should know better by now though. I need to find other ways to relieve my stress. When I'm feeling sad or upset or "boredom hungry" I need to pick up something other than food. Some dumb bells would be a good idea but I'm having a hard time convincing myself to workout for some reason. I do have another idea I'm willing to try for now though. I've been really wanting to learn how to crochet and now I finally have all the materials since a friend gave me all her old hooks and a bunch of different rolls of yarn. I'm gonna get on a youtube and figure that out. I seen another friend learn how to crochet form youtube a couple months ago and she's already posting elaborate pictures of her badass creations every few days or so. I'm like damn... I could be that good already if I took the time to do it now that I have the supplies. My goal is to focus on fixing my eating habits for now while things in our life are still really hectic, and then hopefully soon i'll be up to working out again. I'm tired of wishing and I want to start doing. I think after the new year gets here I'll be in a better frame of mind or at least I sure hope so.


  1. Don't wait on you! You need to be strong and healthy for those little ones. I know it's hard, but you can do it. We crawl before we walk, we walk before we run. Do something positive every day, even though you don't feel it (fake it til you make it!), and eventually it will be a habit once again!

  2. Hey there.... I can relate. I have dropped off the blog world and it shows. BUt each day is a new day to take a step in the dircetion of what you want and need for yourself. You can do this!!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year...

  3. Theres a beast inside of you, we all saw it all those months where you were kicking SO much ass. Poke at it until it wakes up ;) As for crocheting, I was thinking the same thing after I saw some things on Etsy that I MUST have but not at the prices the sellers were asking. I never thought of youtube videos, I may have to check that out for myself too... eventually lol My lack of patience worries me when it comes to things like that :) xoxo

  4. Thanks guys. I love ya'll so much. The crocheting is somewhat coming along. I'm slowly getting better at it but still havent officially made anything yet. lol.