Sunday, August 18, 2013

Month 2 back on track!

Look at me go being all dedicated this time around. Woo that sure feels good. lol.  I know its a lot more slow going this time but I'm still steadily losing and my fiance says he is proud of me and pointed out that I weighed a lot more the first time I started so of course its gonna fall off slower this time. I suppose thats true. He said I should calculate the percentages and that they would probably be comparable. I'm too busy/lazy to bother with that right now though.

I've been putting off blogging for quite some time now. I'm already on day 7 of a new challenge I started and just now getting around to telling you guys about it. lol. Its actually 2 challenges. A friend of mine created a facebook group for those 30 day challenge pictures. We decided to start the squats and arms challenges last Monday. I can definitely feel the burn every single day and am actually already noticing improvement in my movements. It's really awesome to have something I know I need to accomplish every single day but that also isn't something that takes a super long time so I can just tell myself hey get it over with already and move along with the rest of your day! lol. Next month we are going to start an abs challenge and something else. I think maybe some sort of cardio challenge.

I am still riding my bike to work every single day. It's tried to rain on me a couple times but its missed me by just minutes one day and a couple hours the next so far so good and I haven't had to ride home in the rain or ask my dad to give me a ride to work yet. I am also noticing a difference there in my stamina and my endurance. I know I've mentioned that already but it just keeps getting better. I think my legs are slimming up a little bit and I can see the most difference in my ankles. They aren't the cankles they were while I was pregnant and the next few months after the baby arrived. Lmao. I'm so excited to have ankles again!

Which brings me to this... tadah... my glorious ankles and sparkly red nail polish I just painted yesterday. lol. Though you can't really see the sparkles in this picture and my flip flop tan line is extremely noticeable. But even better - I'm down exactly 17 lbs in the last 2 months. YAY

When I took measurements though I was even more pleased. I am down 2 inches in my waist and 2 inches in my hips just in the last month!