Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Golden Birthday...

So yesterday was apparently my Golden Birthday. I turned 26 years old on the 26th. :)

However, it didn't quite feel so spectacularly golden this year. It wasn't a bad birthday by any means, but I was very sick with a cold and sore throat. I was feverish with a runny nose and just stayed home all day. Jett had spent the previous night with his father, but when he came home I cuddled up with my boy and watched movies the rest of the day. I got a few really nice and also thoughtful gifts this year so all in all it evened out to a decent birthday. lol.

These last couple weeks have been so crazy hectic and full of lame excuses as to why I havent been exercising as much or eating as well. The latest of course being that I've been sick for the last 4 days now. I did finally workout again tonight though and felt pretty amazing even though I'm still slightly sick. I did more reps than usual and in better form, etc. So I guess it was nice for my body to rejuvenate a bit or something. Anyways.. of course I went up a few pounds with the holidays and my birthday as I expected... but I am looking forward to tomorrow being a new day. All the brownies that were made for me for my birthday were devoured by the end of today by me and the rest of my family, so nothing is left to tempt me tomorrow. lol. I'm going to make sure I get a good run in tomorrow as well becuase my race is this coming Saturday!!! Speaking of which... if you haven't yet donated to help me raise funds for the Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, there is a box to the left on my blog that will allow you to do so. Even just one dollar would be appreciated! Thanks for the support guys. <3 I know with the holidays here money is tight for everyone so I understand if you can't give. I haven't had a job in 3 years, so yeah... I'm too broke to give anything myself, but I'm doing my best to help fundraise and so far have got $45 raised for those kids. More than what I thought I could do, so yay! lol.

Anyways... It's getting kind of late and I need to get in bed so I can be well rested to start my journey to getting back on track bright and early tomorrow morning! :)

I hope anyone who's gained this past week can learn to not be so down on themselves about it and realize that it's a holiday for a reason. It's something to be celebrated, not feared or looked upon with disgust for yourself, etc. So what if you ate a little more than you hoped you would? Maybe you put back on a few lbs, but it's not 20 more lbs.. and with a little work and a step forward in the right direction you'll have those extra lbs off in no time. I'm not just saying all this to tell you guys and help you out though, I'm saying it for my benefit as well. I know I'll gain like 5 lbs and feel like all 112 have came back on and start calling myself a Fatty McFatfat for it. lol. 5 lbs seems like nothing, and everything all at the same time. It's hard to change your perspective. I am scared that 5 will turn into 50 overnight... but I know better. I will not let myself fall. I'm making plans for my life and going to stick to them.


  1. I completely understand the gaining 5 pounds and feeling like you've gained it ALL back! It's kind of strange that gaining a few pounds now makes me feel SOOO fat, when I used to weigh 253 pounds!

    Happy Birthday!!

  2. Thanks Katie, Glad to know I'm not just crazy. Or if I am crazy, a least I'm not alone! haha :)

  3. Yep, I gained 4 back, but I'm not too worried. Back on plan today, and I really enjoyed my Thanksgiving. You'll get it back off in no time!!

  4. Happy birthday and get better soon. :)

  5. Happy belated birthday! I gained 2.6 pounds. The first thing I told my boyfriend when I weighed myself Sunday was that I felt SO FAT. It is weird that we would feel like this. Thanks to you and Katie I don't feel alone.