Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Back to basics

Well my baby girl is 3 weeks old today. That means I have 3 more weeks until my doctor clears me for getting back to my regular workout routines. In the mean time I have started walking again. So far I'm down about 20 lbs from when I gave birth. That's not to mention the extra weight I gained after being readmitted to the hospital with an infection and pumped full of fluids for 3 days. So in actuality it's been more than that.

I cannot wait until I can start running again though. I am so pumped. The weather changed here over this past weekend and its finally cooled off again! Autumn is absolutely my favorite time of year and I am so excited to see all the leaves starting to fall and even change colors already. It's rained a bit lately too and that has helped things chill out a bit, not to mention all the wind that has been picking up. I am so in love with this season!

Today I went for a walk with just me and my daughter and she was awake for about the first 20 minutes. She kept looking around at all the sights and sounds and just calmly enjoying being outside with her momma. :) Then as we were about half a mile from the house I noticed something strange out of the corner of my eye. To my surprise I did a double take and then saw this creature laying completely still while looking at us. It was so motionless that I even questioned myself for a minute whether or not it was a toy.

Sure enough, after snapping this picture it decided it better turn around and slither back into the bushes directly behind it. I tried to video it but it was too fast to really see much of anything. lol.

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