Saturday, November 3, 2012

On the back burner

Sorry guys but blogging has been on my to do list, I'm just not finding enough time in the day to get to it! lol. My job interview went alright I suppose but she said I wouldn't know anything for a few weeks. My eating has slipped a long with my exercising and I feel like I'm just full of excuses. It's really hard to get back on track with eating right and exercising though when you are so tired all the time. Having a newborn and trying to do this is way harder than it was doing it when my son was 2. Now having two kids and a fiance I feel like it's hard enough finding time for everyone else, let alone me. I know somethings gotta give soon though and I think my best bet is probably just to pick a certain time of day at least 3 days of the week that is just me time for exercising, running, whatever. Let everyone know, hey this is my time. Leave me to it! As far as the eating better... well I'm gonna try to purchase as much healthy stuff as I can that I can grab on the go. It's also difficult living here with my parents where there is still constantly junk stashed everywhere in the house.

Anyways though... enough of my complaining. Here is my little cutie Bethany in the most adorable outfit that my lovely blogger friend Taryn from over at Fat Girl In A Skinny World mailed to me while I was still pregnant, shortly after finding out I would be expecting a baby girl. :)

Thank you Auntie Taryn!! ♥


  1. So sweet! You'll figure it all out again. What about a double stroller? I logged A LOT of miles on 2 double strollers, one for my kids and 1 for the 2 I babysat. I got exercise, good for both my body AND mind, and they got time out in the fresh air!

  2. I have one. The problem has nothing to do with what kind of strollers I have. It's not enough time in the day! I have to sleep at some point in between splitting time between everyone else. I'm not getting enough hours as it is. My son is in school Mon-Fri though anyways so a double stroller doesn't change much.