Monday, October 22, 2012

A job interview!

So during my community service this past Thursday I happened to get a phone call back from something I half-heartedly applied for about a week or so prior. I got an email from while I was on my phone one day and simply submitted a mobile resume which only really consisted of me giving them my name, email, address, and phone number. I then received an email back saying I would need to go online and do something else to complete the application but I was busy at the time so I didn't bother finishing up and thought oh well. I was really surprised they called because of how little effort on my part there was for it, but happy nonetheless. It went straight to voice-mail since I was busy working off my speeding tickets for the city but I planned to call them back on my lunch break. They ran out of things for me to clean a whole hour before lunch and she went ahead and said I could go home and she would give me credit for working the whole day even though she didn't need me to return after lunch. Yay! I hopped on my bicycle since I decided to ride in again that day and I rode it back to the house in such a great mood.

After I got home I called the number back immediately to find out all the details. The position is with Our365 which is a photography company that specializes in taking newborn pictures of babies at hospitals shortly after they're born. Doesn't that sound like fun?! lol. It does to me anyways. I had seen many positions for this company before over the last several years but this was the first time one had opened up near me. It is actually at the very same hospital I gave birth to my two children at. She asked me a few questions like if I had any photography experience or sales experience. I do not have any professional photography experience but it is a hobby I've had for a long time and something I used to think I wanted to do for a living. I took some random classes through Girl Scouts at a local college several years back but that's about as far as I had taken it. I was trying to apply at the Art Institute in Dallas a couple years ago but my school loans from when I attended SFASU held me back from even getting to apply there. No photography experience was needed for this job though, they were more interested if I had done any selling before. My last job was service writing for a tire and lube place so I had to sell oil changes, tires, and then try to talk them in to anything extra you might need for your car while you're there anyways. Before that I had worked as a concessionist at a movie theater where we were required to 'upsell' always asking them if they wanted to try a larger size drink or popcorn for only a quarter more or if they wanted candy or something to go with their order, etc. I also worked at the trading post at boy scout camp for several years selling souvenirs and refreshments and such. She seemed satisfied enough with those things and asked me to come in to the hospital on Tuesday at 11:30am for an interview.

I am so excited. She said that if I did get the position that I would be working Tuesdays through Saturdays starting at 9am and ending whenever I was finished taking pictures of all the new babies that had been born for that day. She said it usually takes about an hour for each baby and there were usually about 2-3 babies each day so I would be getting maybe 25-30 hours per week. The hospital is not too far away from where I have to drop off my son at school during the weekdays just before 8am. My friend Ashley lives not far from his school, so I could just kill time with her in the mornings before I had to go in for work. With it being a part time job, I am fairly sure I could be finished before I had to pick him up at school at 2:30pm. Right now my fiance isn't working but that could change at any moment. He's headed to a job fair this afternoon to see about another warehouse position. So if he gets a job soon and can't watch our daughter, then this is what I'm thinking. Tuesdays and Wednesdays my mom would still have to be sleeping so she could work those nights, but my dad might be able to help watch Bethany those days since he works from home. If not, I'm sure my friend Ashley would watch Bethany for relatively cheap for me. The rest of the week my mom would be available to help watch her. Here's hoping for good news tomorrow morning! Wish me luck. :)

As far as exercising and eating right are going, things are mostly on track still. I've been having foot issues and having to take things easier but I'm still getting in as much as I can. I got in the first of my netflix exercise dvds this weekend and am now able to do those. Did it for the first time last night and absolutely loved it. My son decided he wanted to do the whole thing with me. He wasn't very good at it, lol, but it was great seeing him try and have fun with it. My daughter was laying in the floor next to us watching him intently the whole time. Any time she spit out her paci and started to fuss about it though he was very helpful and put it back in for her so I could keep doing my workout uninterrupted. He's such a helpful big brother.


  1. Good luck with the job! My grandmother was a newborn photographer and loved working every single day!

  2. Your fiance may want to try a temp agency too. I work for one and if someone comes in well dressed and articulate it makes them a great candidate.

  3. The job fair at the warehouse was put on by a temp agency. They gave him an interview right away and tested him for the position. Only 18 people applied and there are 10 positions open so it's quite likely he will get that job. :)

  4. Look at us possibly both working with photography studios! I get them when they're a bit older, school age. Good luck tomorrow!

  5. That is great to hear! We're glad that Career Builder was an easy way to apply to a job and resulted in an interview! That is how I got my job at Career Builder as well. I just applied thorugh my phone and got the call. I hope you get it!

    Good luck to you in your job search and if you need any help please reach out to us via email,, or on Twitter @CBHelp.

    P.S. I also love the Couch to 5K app! I'm training for my first one. Your weight loss is inspiring!


  6. Thanks everyone! My interview went well I think but she has a lot of people to still see. She said I should know something in a couple weeks. :)