Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A New Poison, Take 2!

Today is the day I get to start all over. Scary, exciting, and anticipated for soo very long now. Here it is finally come. So... guess who showed up today to congratulate me on making it to 6 weeks post-partum so now I am free to start actively trying to lose weight and working out again? Aunt Flo... that bitch.

Minus that little setback, all is going well. I'm taking it easy on myself and slowly getting back in to the swing of things. The internet was down here most of the day today so I didnt get to do the netflix instant play workout I intended on doing. Instead I turned on my Wii Fit Plus and hopped back on the Wii board. I knew it had been a long time since I played it but wow, well over a year apparently. Here is what I seen today...

I've gone up almost 50 lbs since the last time I used the Wii. Damn... but oh well. I needed to see where I was so I know how far I have to go. So I'm currently sitting at 241 lbs. In 2011, I managed to lose an average of 12 lbs per month all year long, although the first month was considerably the most. I still have a goal weight of 150 lbs eventually but right now I'm going to focus on aiming to lose 30 lbs before 2013 arrives. I really think if I try and do a little more each day than the one before that I will get there as surely as I did before.

I started counting calories again today. I decided that to begin with I wasn't going to set myself an exact limit. Last time I was trying to stay at  roughly 1200 calories per day but so far I am just counting how many I consume today and making note of it. I know that being conscious of how many there are is a big part of mentally preparing myself for what I'm actually doing to my body. I have no doubts I was consuming closer to 2,000-2,500 cals/day recently, but that is hopefully all out of my system now.  I just finished dinner about an hour ago and am sitting at 1395. I may or may not have a small snack some time before bed. I was hoping to stay under 1800 calories at the most so I have already done better than I gave myself credit for in the first place. :)


  1. Excited to follow along as you get fit again! I'm so, so, SO nervous about that part of the whole pregnancy thing...

    1. Thanks, hon! I'm hoping it goes as well as it did the first time around if not better. lol.