Sunday, October 14, 2012

A bad weekend

Well in terms of eating healthy and exercising I most definitely had a bad weekend. I went through some pretty stressful personal things mostly due to me being extra hormonal on my first postpartum period. Those are the worst. Not that you wanted to know, but I was going through super tampons every hour or two. The bathroom constantly looked like a murder scene. It was not fun. I was being pretty shitty to those around me which dug up some issues that needed to be dealt with, so I guess that's not all bad. Things got handled and I feel better about them now, however I spent my weekend lounging about and eating every thing in sight. The period cravings always get worse at night it seems and I just didn't even care to fight them the last couple days. I decided last night though that I would finish getting that out of my system and wake up a better me.

Today I ate a decent breakfast and then got on my phone to start uploading some apps to help keep me on track. I didn't care much for that Nexercise app since it didn't tell me anything about calories and the rewards it gave were not of much interest to me. I put Cardio Trainer back on my phone to keep up with my walking and jogging and I also put My Fitness Pal on there so I can log my food and count calories easier. 

This morning, when I stepped back on the scale to see the damage I had done and face the cold hard facts, an ugly 244.2 lbs was staring back at me. I spent 15 minutes on the treadmill and while I mostly walked, I did manage to get a little bit of jogging in, too. I wanted to start off slow and ease back in to my workout videos by doing some of the ones I had saved on my Netflix instant queue, however, when I attempted to bring them up I realized they were gone and apparently not even available instantly anymore. I went ahead and added them to my list to get mailed to me but in the mean time I still wanted to get some sort of dvd workout in. I really didn't want to start off with Jillian Michael's 30 day shred so soon but it was one of the easier things I had laying around so that's what I put in and did today. Sweated my ass off and it felt great but man I am definitely out of shape from where I used to be with it. lol. 

Anyways... Time for some new measurements and pictures. Got to put it out there so I can keep myself accountable. I'll be sharing the measurements I had from the very beginning of my journey and from the last time I recorded them, which was on November 15th of 2011 at 10 months in to my journey. 

Starting measurement > Last one > Current one > Difference from last
Bust - 51 in > 39 in > 46 in > +7
Waist - 53 in > 39 in > 48.5 in > +9.5
Hips - 58 in > 44 in > 54.5 in > +10.5
Arms - 17 in > 13 in > 16 in > +3
Thighs - 31 in > 24 in > 30 in > +6
Calves - 19.5 in > 16.5 in > 18.5 in > +2
Neck - 16.5 > 13 > 14 in > +1

Wow, first time I've seen all those numbers together. That's definitely an eye opener. Okay time for pictures.

Click here to see the last progress pictures I posted back in November of 2011.


  1. You'll get back there, you just have to give yourself time and be diligent. How's the BABY??!!?? No pics??

    1. Thanks hon. She's great. I've been posting pics of her constantly on my facebook. Guess I'll have to share some here too. :)