Monday, October 1, 2012

October... the best month EVER... seriously :D

Hah, so I'm a bit of an October freak I guess. I am so super pumped it's finally here! This has got to be the absolute best time of year. I know I've said that like a billion times, but man.. I am just so excited! haha.

Not too much has changed around here just yet. I still have one more week from tomorrow until my final post partum checkup. October 9th is the big day though and by then my doctor should clear me to finally start working out again. I am very excited for the go ahead but I am also a little bit scared or nervous maybe. I'm not exactly sure why. I just don't want to over exert myself from the get go and at the same time I don't wanna do too little and disappoint myself. Its been sooo long since I've really tried doing anything and so I'm not sure where I stand really. Only way to find out is to do it though. :)

Congratulations are in order for fellow blogger Mary over at A Small Loss! I'll let you read her post to find out why. ;) If you're not already a follower of hers you should definitely add her to your list because she's full of wonderful advice and tips on living a healthier lifestyle and is so well written. I always enjoy anything she has to say, even the things that aren't really about weightloss. :D


  1. I hope you get the all clear soon! I really cant believe its October already, its crazy. I do love the autumn though. S xx

  2. Thanks for the shout-out :) Slow and steady with getting back into working out - my boyfriend had to take 6 weeks off of running after surgery and just started back into it this week. Since his last run pre-op was a half marathon, he got out and figured he'd do as many miles as he could (I suggested to just do 1 mile to start). Needless to say, he hasn't ran since due to leg pain from overexerted muscles. Slow and steady :)

    1. lol, sounds like a typical male response to being told to take it easy. :)