Sunday, October 7, 2012

Gearing up for my comeback...

In anticipation of Tuesday I have been trying to get all my bad eating desires out of the way this past week and refreshing my memory on how to eat less and move more. Received an email from sparkpeople with a very helpful article that serves as a reminder to me on what all I need to do to keep my portions in control so I thought I would share it here with you guys.

I have used every single one of these tips in the past and they work so well! Time for me to start focusing on them again and making sure my eating is under control or else the working out will be kind of useless... for weight-loss purposes anyways.

My fiance started a new job this past week so he has been gone a lot and I am on my own with the baby and with Jett after school for a few hours. This has left me with little time to do as much walking as I had hoped for but none the less I did manage to get some in. Today I even broke out my bicycle, aired up the tires, and took it around the block. I enjoyed getting back on it even though it's been probably over a year since I last rode. That saying about riding a bike is true though, once you learn how then you never forget. :) My chains are definitely gonna need some WD-40 though because I was awful squeaky headed down the street. lol.

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