Monday, September 16, 2013

The best NSV yet...

So a few months back I mentioned, in this blogpost, how my son saw a picture of me when I had lost a significant amount of weight the first time around but did not recognize me. He asked me "Hey mama, who's that lady? She looks kinda like you, but skinny." This was a small blow to my self esteem of course but I knew I had already began working on getting back in shape and so I didn't let it sidetrack me much at all.

My newest Non-Scale Victory happened last night when I was least suspecting of course. lol. As I was getting ready to exercise and had just changed in to some workout clothes then came back in to the living room where my son and daughter were playing, he kinda stopped what he was doing to look at me in the face and said something along the lines of "Wow, mama you really are starting to look like you used to a long, long time ago." This of course caught me by surprise because I'm still heavier than I was in that picture and I wasn't expecting a 5 year old boy to take much notice to that sort of thing. The real kicker though was that he immediately followed this up with some added motivation. "If you just exercise a little bit more you will be there in no time!"

I love my son. :)

I'm feeling pretty great today, as far as fitness and health go anyways... I did have to take care of some legal matters that I wish I didn't but they aren't detering me from continuing to count my calories and be conscious of my eating. I woke up feeling extra skinny this morning and almost as if I was already in the body I once had for a short while. lol. I think I had several dreams about fitting in to old clothes again. I'm sure most of the good thoughts came from my son's observations but also because of reading about Sunshine's latest NSV over facebook just before I went to sleep. lol.


  1. That's an AWESOME NSV! How cute that he noticed :)

    1. I was surprised he would even notice at all. lol

  2. Keep it up Jen! I can see a difference in your pics too! You are doing great!

  3. Awe your hard work is definitely paying off. What a great little man!