Monday, July 1, 2013

Little eyes are watching me

So I edited my desktop background to change photos every minute and set it up to only show photos from an album with motivational pics. I went ahead and threw in some of my pictures from when i dropped over 100 lbs back in 2011 where i felt my greatest because when I see them I am more amped about getting back to that body. Well as I was putting Jett to bed tonight, he asked me "Hey mama, who's that lady? I wasn't sure what he was talking about so I asked him to explain. He pointed to the computer and said "Her. She kinda looks like you but skinny." lol. I explained that it was me silly and it was 2 years ago when I had lost a lot of weight before I got pregnant with Bethany. I told him that's why I've been exercising so much lately so I can get my body back in shape. I'm a little surprised with my reaction though. Even just a few short weeks ago I would have been devastated and probably binged over hearing that from my child and then felt even worse about being such a horrible example for him. Tonight though, I was just amused and even more excited to continue in my progress and get back to the me I wanna be as soon as possible.

The photo in question.
I was taking full advantage of a free one week trial at
a local gym and sweating it up on their treadmill. 

Yesterday, Jett spent wayyy too much time playing various video games on the wii or his tablet or his leapster or the computer since I was a little preoccupied with an extra fussy baby and so today I sentenced the three of us to some outside time in the sunshine. He kept asking to go back in but I told him he needed the exercise and the sunlight and that he was supposed to play at least 1 hour every day outside and we needed to makeup for the day before. lol. We swang and played in the dirt and checked the mail and cleaned up the yard. Although he was indoors all day yesterday, I did talk him in to doing Level 2 of the 30 day shred with me. He got halfway through it before giving up. lol. It was a pretty good job for a not quite 5 year old though. :)


  1. When my kids were little I was a lazy mom. Being obese made me want to conserve my energy and watch tv all day. I regret that so much. Good for you for sticking to your guns and showing Jett how much fun outside can be!