Saturday, July 27, 2013

Another week down...

So it's been a full week since my last weigh in and I hopped on the scale this morning to check and see where I was at, partly convinced that I was going to see a gain from being so sick last week and dropping 4 lbs in a matter of days. To my surprise and huge relief there was not a gain! I didn't lose any, but I maintained the exact same weight as the week before.

It's also been almost a full week since I started my new job. Things are going great and I actually really like it so far. Though there has already been some drama llama trying to start trouble for me. lol. There is this girl who apparently wanted the job, but I got it instead of her and so she was calling the store often talking trash about me saying that I did drugs and other things she completely made up. I eventually found out how I 'know' the girl. The truth is, I don't! I know her baby daddy (I assume boyfriend still but not certain). lol. I went to high school with him and his sister and I'm still friends with them and they are also both my neighbors. A lot of their extended family all live on various houses on my same street. Well I've seen her out walking around pushing her older kid and their baby with him on occasion maybe just a handful of times. I have never actually spoken to the girl before though. He admitted to me about this time last year that he used to have a crush on me when we were in high school and I'm not really sure where he was going with bringing that up at the time because she was obviously pregnant with  his baby and I was pregnant with Bethany then. I don't know if maybe he mentioned something to his girl about liking me, but I have to assume that is what happened and she got jealous. It's either that or she is just purely insane. lol. Though the owners and managers of the store have all told me how crazy this girl is and that they do not believe her and will not hire her for any reason anyways. They told me to watch my back though in case she tries something some day. They are actually worried she is that kinda crazy. I'm not too worried though. I am very glad they are on my side of this though.

Today has been my first day off since I began and I've been really busy all day long getting things taken care of like shopping for groceries, etc. I've not found any time to work out extra though this past week and so that is another reason why I was worried about the scale results this morning. I have bicycled to and from work every day so far though. Today I need to find something else to do though since I wont be biking there for work. lol. It's apparently a full mile from my house according to google. I thought it was only half. It's already 6pm though so I better get started soon. I have to be at work at 5:45am tomorrow morning to help open the store. I'll be the only cashier there this time and so I've got to do most everything on my own. This is the first time I'll even be there that early, much less on my own. lol. Hopefully it goes well. They said its usually slow on Sunday mornings though so I guess it wont be too hard.

I want to incooperate working out every day back in to my routine so I think I'm going to have to set up a mandatory time for doing it so it gets done. lol. On days when I work mornings it should get done as soon as I get home and then on days when I work nights, as soon as I wake up after eating breakfast.


  1. Congratulations on the job. Sorry you have a crazy hater, hope this week was good!

  2. Thanks hon. So far things are still pretty good. I only had one bad day. It wasn't entirely bad just part of it were annoying. lol. It of course was the day I had to open at 4:45am. Things started out bad first thing as soon as i woke up. Went to pee without turning the light on so I didnt wake my kids and slammed my leg in to a dresser so hard it scraped it up and left a giant bruise that is still on my leg like 3 days later. haha. The rest of the day went downhill form there. As for the crazy hater - my suspicions were confirmed about her jealousy. She got even more insane believe it or not and harrassed me on facebook through my friends account pretending to be him first pretending to hit on me and then once I shot "him" down and kept talking about my fiance well she started to then say he was cheating on me with her (still pretending to be my friend though) and then after I wouldn't back down about having faith in my relationship she tried to say that my fiance actually told her to say those things to test me. Wtf... psycho! I talked to my friend's cousin and sister and grandma since they are all my neighbors, too. They all told me how crazy she is and that I should print out the stupid things she said and call the cops and file harrassment not only for the things online but for calling my work so many times. I'm leaving it alone for now but if anything happens again I will have to report it because I'm not gonna put up with that.