Monday, July 8, 2013

Pushing it

Well I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend. I'm sure I'm not the only one who indulged a little more than normal at one point or another with friends and family this Independence day. Though a huge kudos offered to those who can say they stayed on track 100%!

I don't think I went all out and completely binged like I would normally per say, but I definitely wasn't limiting my intake of  anything either. The 4th of July is also my fiance's neice's birthday and she was turning 6 this year. There was a huge pool party celebration with all the kinds of food you can imagine. There was cake and cupcakes and icecream and normally if I was binging I would have some of all 3 desserts. lol. This time I just had one piece of cake. It was quite tasty. The top was a lemon cake but I opted for the bottom which was strawberry! Yum!

Dixie dipped in to her my little pony cake a little early apparently. lol

Singing to the birthday girl! My fiance, baby girl, and my boy all at the back center. 

Yes. She loves being held this way. lol

You can see the rest of the lemon top set to the side
as we start digging in to the strawberry bottom. :)

Eating a cucumber and tomato salad in italian dressing.
That is the only way I will eat cucumbers. 

My fiance got back from where he went to go job hunting on Wednesday morning because his friend had ran out of gas before then anyways and by the time he was getting paid again it was holiday time so we figured he could come back home and spend some time with us before he started searching for work again. We went to another celebration on Friday but I managed to eat pretty well that day and did do my Jillian Michaels 30 day shred workout. It was Saturday that I'm not quite sure about since I didn't keep up with MFP logging. My son's paternal grandparents offered to keep both of my kids for the weekend and so I let them. That was the first time I've been away from both of them overnight at the same time since I was stuck in the hospital with a nasty uterine infection that almost killed me right after I gave birth to Bethany. With the kids away, I tried to just relax and enjoy my time with my fiance since I have no clue when I will see him again. He left yesterday afternoon to go stay with our friend again and hopefully is out right now looking for jobs. He said he had a bunch of things he was interested in applying for listed on the Texas Workforce Commission's website and so he was headed there first. I am hoping that he either gets called back from one of the jobs he applied for previously or finds a new job today and gets to start work immediately. I know if that's the case though I wont see him again until after he has made enough money to find us a place to stay and move us out there. Anyways... with it just being me and Sparky, we went to a matinee movie (World War Z) with the little bit of money I had made in my paypal account doing graphic design work on We had to of course have some popcorn and drinks while there. Then we had big burgers for dinner that night.

Yesterday wasn't too much better food-wise but I did finally make time to workout just before bed last night. I did the Biggest Loser Last Chance Workout and sweated up a storm. lol. This morning I was feeling good after waking up to feed Bethany around 6:30am and so I ate breakfast and decided to get in an early workout today. I made it halfway through I was really contemplating quitting it and kept trying to talk myself out of finishing by saying the baby was about to wake up again because I could hear her on the monitor fussing for a few seconds every few minutes or so. I thought to myself how I could just come back and do another workout later since I planned to anyways but I didn't quit and I made it the next 20 minutes one step at a time. When cool down time came I was feeling pretty blissful that I didn't quit first thing in the morning and set a bad standard for today.

Here I am catching up on my blogger duties now and about to go log my breakfast. Tomorrow is weigh in day. Oh yeah, I haven't blogged since last Monday so just an update - I lost 5.4 lbs on weigh in day last week! I don't think I'll have near as drastic a number this week, but as long as I'm losing and not gaining I'll be happy. :)