Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A job!

Yeah, that's right... I got a job! The first time back to work in over 5 years now. lol. It's nice having a break from the kids for a bit... and my parents, too. I'm enjoying spending time with other adults on a regular basis. Nothing too hard, I'm just cashiering at the gas station right up the road from me. It's less than one mile from my house so the added bonus is that I get to ride my bicycle to and from work everyday. Hooray! lol.

I'm gonna have to be careful with my choices though because I'm allowed to eat one free meal during my shift as long as I'm there more than 2 hours. They have a deli area that serves things like pizza, cheeseburgers, chicken strips, etc. There are not very many health friendly alternatives on the menu either. I think I'm doing alright though and am still using MFP to track things so we'll see how this goes.

Tonight I decided now that it's been a full month of working towards my health and fitness goals again that I should go ahead and share my facebook page with the rest of the world. I've been mostly just updating it for myself this past month. lol. I already went and invited most anyone I recognized on my facebook friend list as someone who added me for fitness support, etc. If you didn't get an invite though and just wanna go to my page and like it then here is the link.



  1. Just an idea, can you pack your own healthy foods to eat during your shift and choose your free meal when it's time to go home and someone there enjoy it? Congrats on the job and stay focused on your ultimate goals!

    1. Well I ride my bike to work and already carry a bag full of things like waterbottle, safety vest for riding home at night, large chain and padlock for the bike when i get to the store and so its pretty full and heavy already. Not sure where I'd put food at... lol. I cannot give my free meal to anyone else. I either eat once or I don't and am not allowed to take anything home with me. Tonight I worked from 6-10pm so I just ate dinner right before I left here and then only had things to drink while at the store. I work the same shift tomorrow night so I'll be fine then too and then I'm off Friday. Saturday and Sunday I may be eating lunch there but I'll just be sure to keep tracking with MFP and I think I'll be fine. Thanks for the tips though.