Sunday, July 14, 2013

Finally, an NSV for 2013!

So I've been meaning to take a moment to post about my latest NSV for a couple days now but been a little busy with a sick baby girl on my hands since Thursday night. Bethany was super clingy the next morning and so I put her in my ergo to make myself  hands free while still holding the little one.

Poor clingy baby trying to sleep on mama. 
That is when I noticed my first NSV since starting back on my journey this year. I used to have to have the waist strap extended all the way as far as it possibly could go but not on Friday. Now I can cinch in about an inch or two on the waist strap and that is so exciting! lol. I have been wearing strechy pants or shorts non stop since having Bethany and so I havent really noticed any change in clothing sizes. Kinda just been stuck in the 2x/20 range for the last several months. I'm probably still there because as you can see, my hips are freakin ginormous. They were pretty wide to begin with but having another child did them no favors. lol.

Excuse the random stuff in my parent's bathroom mirror. 
I thought I should probably share as much of a full body shot of me as I could get for now so that eventually I can see how far I have come. I actually don't hate my body as much as I thought I did. I can look in the mirror now and see that I do still have a bit of an hourglass shape and that trimming down is only gonna magnify that. Of course when I feel comfortable enough to wear more than just t-shirts out in public will only flatter my look, too. lol.