Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Month One, done!

I survived my first month back in action and I feel as if I'm still kicking ass so woohoo!

Today I stepped on the scale and as I had hoped saw the 270s again!!!

So from 293.0 to 279.4, I am down exactly 13.6 lbs in my first month. This really excites me. I know I averaged about 12 lbs per month my first go of things so I'm off to a great start. That's almost a pound every other day... I mean, WHOA! I've got it goin on. lol

Time for some new selfies and lucky me I got a great deal on my very first DSLR camera a couple nights ago so I am able to take some decent pictures instead of mirror selfies you can barely make out. lol.
I LOVE my new camera.
Excuse the laundry all over the place... we'll get to it eventually. hah.

 And here are some selfies, too. :D

and now for the measurements:

These are my starting body measurements:
Neck - 16.5"Bust - 50"Waist - 47"Hips - 60"Arms - 19"Thighs - 32"Calves - 20"

My current measurements (and lost last month):
Neck - 16" (down 0.5")Bust - 50"
Waist - 46.5" (down 0.5")Hips - 60"
Arms - 17.5" (down 1.5")Thighs - 32"
Calves - 19" (down 1")

That's a total of 3.5 inches lost this month. Not too shabby.