Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I survived the holidays, did you?

Looky here... I'm alive and well. hahaha, what about all of you? Still kickin or did you let them beat you?! I did some binge eating on Christmas Eve and Christmas day since we had two huge family get togethers those days, but I managed to only go up 2lbs and am already back down 1 of those lbs. Today I sit at 176, which is lower than my last update here :) but I actually made it back down to 175 as of early Saturday morning. I'm sure by tomorrow or the next day or so I'll have made it down past that! ^_^ I found it really easy to get back on track yesterday and today. Did some working out yesterday morning and then ran around Six Flags all day yesterday with my family and my 3 nephews. Today I worked out and then went for a run also. I believe I'm sitting somewhere right around 1200 calories and am done eating for the day now. So yay! I'm not worried about New Year's as a holiday because I never go out and party for that. lol. I usually just stay home with some sparkling grape juice and watch the ball drop on tv.

Had a fairly good Christmas this year. My son loved all his toys and clothes and things. I got some new recipe books and also a brand new camera finally!! I can start taking pictures of myself again with the self timer feature, lol. Speaking of which... I completely forgot to post an update for my 11 months mark on the 15th of this month.. eek! It's a pretty cool camera though, it's even waterproof up to 10 feet so I can take it to Hurricane Harbor with me next summer and out on the boat when we get back on the lake.

In other news... my friend Stormy is hosting her very first challenge called the Spring Chick Challenge. It seems like a really good and easy way to keep yourself accountable and meet lots of other fellow bloggers in the process so I definitely recommend you all go sign up! I already did! ^_^


  1. Sounds like you were able to still enjoy the holidays but in a controlled manner. Good job!

  2. Since 11/23 I'm up a few pounds. 153.4 this morning. Even if my eating wasn't great I still exercised everyday. That's different from any other time- I always fell off the exercise bandwagon before. I can not wait to get all of this food out of my house!

  3. Good job on doing so well through out the holiday, myself I have been to chicken to get on the scale, I felt like I snacked wayyy too much so I am detoxing myself this week and will face the scale on Saturday!