Monday, February 4, 2013

A taste of Insanity

I'm feeling pretty amazing today. I ate alright yesterday and managed to get a workout in even after feeling super icky from that food poisoning or whatever it was this past weekend. Well today I feel so much better now and my eating is on track for the day so far.

I stopped by my friend Ashley's house this morning after dropping off Jett since its her day off and I brought over a workout dvd for us to do. Her friend was supposed to show up but didn't get there at the time she assumed she would be there so we went ahead and worked out. As soon as we finished her friend showed up and apparently it was exactly the same time she told me to show up (I arrived an hour early though) so Ashley just assumed her friend was gonna come early even though she told her a certain time. haha. Anyways they went ahead and started their workout which apparently was Insanity. I was trying to feed Bethany when they first started but she seemed to change her mind about being hungry so I sat down the bottle and went ahead and tried to keep up with them. I managed to get in about 25 minutes of the routine. They probably only did about 30-35 total. It was a 45 minute workout I think but they stopped early because Ashley was sore from the day before and tired from already working out with me and the other girl was out of breath the whole time and kept taking long breaks because she just went outside and smoked right before they put in the dvd. Seemed like a terrible idea to me but whatever.... lol.

I am proud of myself for working out twice in one morning. I may even find the time to workout again this afternoon or evening. I am looking forward to hitting the 230s by tomorrow's weigh in! I was pleasantly surprised with what I could do on the Insanity workouts though. Don't get me wrong - it was tough, but I had done a lot of those moves before in several other dvds. The only move that was new to me was the mummy kicks and those seemed easy enough to get the hang of. It was super intense though and hard to keep up at times but what I couldn't do now I modified of course. I hadn't tried Insanity before now though because I thought it was gonna be totally different from anything I've done before. I know p90x is still gonna be rough though so I wont be trying it anytime soon.