Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New foods update!

Alright I finally have a chance to share some of the new foods I have been trying. A lot of these ideas have been coming from pinterest. Yes I have succumbed to the addiction that is pinning anything and everything. lol.

Before I get in to the food though I want to go ahead and share my weigh in for Fit Tuesday....

I'm shocked. It's exactly the same as 2 weeks ago. However last week I had gained 2.4 lbs so I'm pleased that I lost it now. I didn't eat as well as I wanted or work out as much as I would have liked but the workouts that I did do were pretty intense and I started incorporating using weights back in to my routines again so I'm gonna have to assume that is what helped me shed the pounds. I'm taking this as a positive and moving on to this coming week with my game face on. A couple more days and it'll be time for a monthly update with measurements, etc. Maybe I can drop a little bit more before then! :) Already worked out this morning but if I find the time I'm gonna try to squeeze another routine in later. I'm a little calorie heavy this morning but I'm about to look up ideas for the salmon I have so I can have a super light dinner tonight.

Anyways... I'm running short on time but here are just a few of the foods I've been trying lately. :) I wont say too much about each one since I'm in a hurry but feel free to comment asking questions if you are interesting in knowing how I prepared something.

baked Sweet Potato fries sprinkled with paprika. 363 calories
crockpot shredded honey mustard chicken
crockpot shredded honey mustard chicken over rice with a side of asparagus

Rotisserie chicken made in the crock pot with rice and corn.

Healthy Choice Steamers - Honey Balsamic Chicken with tomatoes and asparagus. 210 Calories

Tuna salad dip and baked crackers. 275 Calories

Shake and bake chicken with roasted asparagus.
leftover shake and bake chicken sliced up with avocado and tomato.
crockpot honey apple pork loin
crockpot honey apple pork loin
crockpot honey apple pork loin, sliced new potatoes, cut green beans. 

Buffalo chicken wings. This is a picture before I actually cooked it. A recipe I found on pinterest...http://pinterest.com/pin/52495151878624787/
This is my new favorite snack thanks to pinterest. lol. I just modified and went with some laughing cow cheese instead. This whole plate is 80 calories.http://pinterest.com/pin/52495151878533347/


  1. For lunch I had a can of chunk light tuna mixed with 1T buffalo ranch dressing and 10 Keebler Flip crackers! Delicious!

    1. i actually don't like buffalo that much. i mostly made it for my family. i did eat some but it wasn't something i would care to have again.

  2. Mmm, I love sweet potato fries! Keep up the good work!
    Jillian - http://epic-thread.blogpsot.com