Saturday, February 2, 2013

One month in...

It's the beginning of a new month and that means its time for new stats and pics. I have to apologize for not posting in the last week but I was quite a bit unhappy with some things going on in my life and definitely let that get to me physically as well. I didn't eat as well as I wanted on some days while others I did alright. I didn't really do much exercising at all except for maybe one actual workout and a heck of a lot of house cleaning on some other days.

I've been busy dealing with getting over sickness and sick kids and also dr's appointments for everyone. Ultimately though.. those are all just excuses. I could have done better but I didnt. I can't change that now and I can only look forward and change how I react in the now and future. This past Tuesday was week 4's weigh in and I didn't share here but I was up a couple pounds. Considering how terrible the 3 days prior to weigh in were I was thankful it wasn't more like 5 or 10. I was motivated to do well this week to make up for last but I let some emotions get the better of me and things didnt go as planned.

Today I forgot to weigh in first thing in the morning and by the time I had a chance to it was already like 5pm. I was fully expecting to be up above that 2lb gain but in fact I had lost those 2 lbs and am now back around to where I was at week 3. So hooray for that. I'm feeling great knowing that. Those darn 239's are calling my name! I am so close. lol. Sitting right at 240.6 lbs this evening. I'm hoping my evening weight isn't just a fluke and that I weigh more in the mornings for some weird reason... but whatever I'll take it. I stepped on the scale several times in disbelief.

Here are my stats after one month back on my journey...

February 1st 2013

Weight: 240.6 lbs (-7.6 lbs since last month)

  • Bust: 46.5 inches (-0.5 in)
  • Waist: 48 inches (0 in)
  • Hips: 54.5 inches (-1 in)
  • Thighs: 30.5 inches (-0.5 in)
  • Calves: 18.5 inches (-0.5 in)
  • Neck: 16.5 inches (-2.5 in)
  • Arms: 15 inches (0 in)

BMI: 40 (-1.3)

I am mostly surprised by how many inches I've actually lost. I can't believ eI went down that much in my neck already and that I've lost at least something in most other areas too with just under 8 lbs gone. Crazy awesome... :)

Here's to having an even better second month in.