Saturday, January 26, 2013

Katie's Virtual 5k

Happy belated birthday to Katie over at Runs for Cookies who just celebrated her 31st birthday by hosting a virtual 5k (3.1 miles) with around 900 participants worldwide! I meant to post last night but I caught up on some much needed sleep instead. Finally got some real answers at my daughter's pediatrician's office yesterday. Apparently she has RSV and that is most likely what my son has. This is the straw that broke the camels back and I now plan on switching from his regular family doctor over to her pediatricians office. He always received good care there, but I'm ready for him to start receiving great care like his sister does. It's safe to assume that is what I have and now my fiance, too. It's much milder for adults of course but still very annoying. My daughter's biggest problem though was actually having a double ear infection and thankfully that one can be treated with medicine. Hopefully we can all get well soon now that we know whats really going on and everyone has the proper medications.

Anyways, I was extremely tired when I woke up yesterday morning because I had been up all night long helping soothe Bethany and she could only sleep when being held that night. On top of that I was at my most miserable point with the chest congestion and sore throat so I wasn't feeling that great but I am proud of myself for going through with plans and I did my 5k as soon as I got home from dropping off Jett at school that morning. I was wheezing through most of it and half walked, half jogged it but I did manage to make my goal of less than one hour. I came in at 52 minutes and 10 seconds. I had an average pace of 3.6 miles per hour and my miles were as follows.  mi 1 - 16:47, mi 2 - 16:49, mi 3 - 17:13. Yeah, definitely was dragging ass by that last mile. lol. I'm glad I did it though and when I got home my fiance told me how proud of me he was for doing it anyways, too. I haven't done a whole lot else this week besides walking those 4 miles a few days ago to figure out what route I was gonna take yesterday.

This was me before the 5k, gearing up and getting ready to go. Side note: I wanted a random number to go on my race bib so I chose 5309 because its the last 4 digits of "Jenny's" number. 867-5309! Nerdy, I know.

and here I am afterwards all flushed and tired. lol.

I thought jumping  up in the air in celebratory fashion would look awesome but I never could time it just right for my self timer to go off. This was the best shot I got out of about 10. hahaha.

So then I finally settled for a thumbs up pic instead.

I don't feel too terrible about not working out otherwise this week because being sick is pretty miserable enough and even worse is taking care of two sick children so I've got my hands pretty full right now. I am still continuing to look after my eating habits though so not all is lost.

Here are some food pictures from over the last week or so of some things I've been trying.

Pork roast in the crock pot. Yum. Carrots and potatoes, too! Around 315 calories.

This fruit was in a huge bowl of mixed fresh fruit that was on clearnace since it was gonna go bad in a few days and they had to sell it quick. Tasted great to me though! It was less than 150 calories for this whole bowl.

Here is my new favorite version of Baked Ziti with meat sauce. I used Smart Taste penne pasta, Classico Tomato Basil pasta sauce, Lean Turkey Sweet Italian Sausage, Italian blend shredded cheese, and topped it off with an Italian seasonings grinder. This was so delicious that I put some in a small tupperware container to have for lunch the next day. There was plenty here to feed all 4 of us adults that night, have leftovers for me, and for my mom to take with her for lunch that night at work. I managed to make this for a very reasonable amount of calories, I believe. It was something like 400-500 calories depending on how much you had. ETA: The entire thing was 3,405 calories total. If you mentally divided the pan by 6 and ate 1/6th it would be 567 calories or if you divided by 8 it would have been 425 calories.

This was chicken baked a glass pan soaking in fat free italian dressing along with ranch style beans and golden sweet corn. About 300 calories. 


  1. Good job on running the 5k. I did it too and was getting over the stomach flu so I was having major tummy cramps as I ran. So kudos to you for not being able to breathe and still run it!

  2. Great job on committing and following through! Being sick is always a great excuse, but you didn't cave, even though it sounds like it was a "below the neck" illness which could have warranted the rest!

  3. Thanks ladies. I did have to stop and throw up twice actually but I kept on going immediately afterwards and I dont think it affected my time much. lol.

  4. Holy smokes you did awesome! My booty would have been in the bed. You should be EXTREMELY proud of yourself!