Sunday, January 6, 2013

Gaining stamina

It feels so great to finally be getting back in to the swing of things. I think the few times I tried the last couple months I was too overzealous from the get go. I knew I would be and even blogged about being worried I'd try too hard and burn out too fast. lol. Guess ya just gotta live and learn. Well this first week back I have just been sticking to the elliptical and the treadmill or walking around the neighborhood. I am very anxious to get back in to my serious workout dvds but I'm gonna try and hold off on those for a little while longer. Starting Tuesday after it's been one full week then I'm gonna pick out something easier to do and start with that and then build my way back up to doing the 30 day shred and the biggest loser last chance workouts. I know those helped me lose so much in the past but I also didn't start with them right off the bat so I have to control myself and take things one step at a time. I am sooo ready to get my old body back that it's hard to wait. I feel like a kid in a candy store. lol. I know it'll be worth it though if I can remain patient.

Yesterday I feel like I really gained some stamina while I was on the elliptical. I ended up doing 35 minutes straight and I think that's probably the longest time I've spent on one of those machines so far. The day before I had only gone 25 minutes and that was the longest up until then so I feel like jumping up 10 whole minutes in one day was pretty awesome. I just felt really good listening to some great music on my headphones and couldn't bring myself to stop moving so I didn't. Today I only spent 30 minutes on there but I'm still very impressed. I felt like I wanted to get off only a few minutes in to it. It seems like once I get past that 10-15 minute mark though, if I get myself lost in whatever music I'm listening to instead of staring at the time on the Nexercise app on my phone then i can go for much longer than I expect myself to do.

I also ended up doing some random exercises after that just because I still felt so pumped. I went outside and climbed the stairs of my front porch over and over again for a few minutes. I then did some jumping jacks and a few different ab crunch routines I had memorized from before.

I ate really well yesterday too and also finished out Friday night pretty well. I ended up on deciding to have this delicious dish. Avocado, tomato, corn, and black beans in tortillas. I had ran out of the carb balance wheat tortillas I like that have considerably less calories in them but I made do with these and this dish totaled at 400 calories even.

Thank god I chose to go ahead and make my own dinner because shortly after that my dad started to cut up and deep fry some chicken strips and french fries! The smell lingered through the entire house and was such a torture. Luckily everyone else scarfed it all down and there were no left overs to keep tempting me throughout the night. lol. I was a little upset the next morning though when I realized he used the chicken breasts I had just bought to make a bunch of new healthy recipes I had been looking up. Have I said how much I can't wait until we are finally back out on our own? :)


  1. " I am sooo ready to get my old body back that it's hard to wait. I feel like a kid in a candy store."

    Amen, sister! AMEN! Sometimes, I find myself hyperventilating over it. LOL!

    Those avocado tacos look delish. I love me some veggie meals, but I love 'em more when they are Mexican. haha! Looks great!

    Keep up the most excellent momentum! Let it fuel you and inspire you! You'll do great things that way.

    1. Thanks hon. I have always been a glutton for avocados. I love finding out how healthy they are and realizing i get to still eat plenty of them! But man they are high in calories so I still gotta watch how much I have.

  2. That looks really yummy! I'd be pissed about the chicken, but I have to guess he doesn't grocery shop so he doesn't really know what belongs to different people.

    Great job w/the elliptical. I'm glad you have learned what will/won't work for yourself. No use in torturing yourself with someone else's method of success if it doesn't work for you.

    1. lol yeah not much. They ended up using the rest of my chicken a few days later to bbq it one night when I made something else for me and my boyfriend before they got home.