Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Feeling good

Day two of being back in the habit. I feel good. I stayed around the 1200 calorie mark yesterday and didn't feel overly hungry at any one point during the day. I am a little surprised I wasn't even tempted to have a soda at all. I did consider lots of tempting food options and had to tell myself no not that, do this instead about ten times, lol. But the drinking situation was under control. Nice. I would have expected to get a caffeine headache at the least but I never noticed one.

This morning I ate 2 more eggs and the last of the turkey bacon. I'll have to head to the store later to get more along with a few other things anyways. I'm at 230 calories for breakfast today and haven't had any lunch yet. I planned on doing another 15 minutes on the elliptical this morning. I surprised myself yet again though when I actually stayed on for 20 minutes. At the 7 minute mark I remember sweating it and thinking oh god why isn't it like 14 mins already?! lol. When I got to 15 though I was jamming out to something on my headphones and didnt even realized I had passed it. At that point I said screw it, let's keep on pushing til 20 minutes! Took a few minutes break to switch between activities on my nexercise app but my headphones were still in so I was jamming out and moving my body around involving my arms some more in exercising and stretching. Next I hopped on the treadmill and did 15 minutes there. I was pouring sweat on there even though I was only doing a speed of 2.5 mph. I thought man I must be really out of shape. lol. Oh well. I felt really great afterwards and my cheeks were bright red. My shirt was drenched and my face was glistening. I washed my face and then got online to check facebook and post another update here. :)

Oh yeah... I know I said a few posts ago that I wasn't really liking the nexercise app, but that was because I didn't understand how it worked. Now thanks to my friend Ziona over at I want to look like a pinup explained it all to me. Apparently it's the mPoints that actually give you the rewards and I wasn't even looking at that part at all. Now that I have I'm looking forward to cashing them in for some sort of giftcard eventually.

In other news, I saw this shared on facebook yesterday and it brought me to tears. So of course I have to share it here with you guys.

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  1. I always get super happy when I see fellow plus-sizers out exercising. It makes me glow and I feel so inspired. Cuz it's HARD to get out there and "just do it." ;)

    That was an awesome FB post.