Saturday, January 19, 2013

Gotta keep moving

I know its not normal weigh in day for me, but I was craving some girl scout cookies and had a little bit earlier this week already (still within my daily calorie count) and thought to myself today that I should weigh in and see where I'm at and use that as my motivation to stay on track with eating. There is also a trip planned today to take Jett to play at Mcdonalds and use the $5 giftcard he got from a relative for christmas and so I know I'm gonna be smelling all that stuff and I just wanted to do well. Turns out that trip is being postponed until tomorrow but, whatever it still applies. Anyways... I'm down 1.4 lbs since Tuesday. I've got 3 more days to get that number higher by staying on track and working out more. My eating has been mostly alright on most days but workout out is where I've slacked on some days. On days when I do get a workout in I feel better and want to work out even more that day and usually do. On days where I wait around because Ive got other things to do and then I keep putting it off, then by the end of the day I dont usually want to. Sometimes I make myself do 5-10 minutes anyways but its usually not as much work as it should be. I feel alright though. This is still just the beginning but I wanna get more active. I wish it wasnt so cold outside here. The weather looks beautiful through my window with the sunshining everywhere but then I walk out there and immediately wanna run back inside. lmao


  1. Just think how well you're doing without working out hard every day! That's great! Maybe that means you don't HAVE to exercise every day, right now. I have to workout every day to be able to not feel like I'm starving with the little amount of calories I'm allotted. Keep your chin up. Remember, no one is perfect and striving for that will only insure failure.

  2. Oh but I do have to workout hard everyday or I'll get stuck at a standstill. I've definitely been there in the past. I thought this was alright for this midpart of my week but looking at how I somehow took a step backwards today I'm starting to worry I'm most definitely not doing enough yet.