Sunday, January 20, 2013

Trying new things...

So I have continued to keep on trying out new ideas for meals and am really enjoying myself with it. I've also been doing more workout dvd's lately and pleasantly surprising myself with a little bit of improvement each day it feels like. Getting back in to doing some Turbo Jam exercises and I can't help but think about how freaking awesome Chalene Johnson is and that I want to be just like her. lol. She's so full of energy and I really love how she just threw together some moves with some good music and then added in some martial arts and was like there - tadah you've got yourself a workout. That's something I was thinking about doing at some point was creating my very own type of workout that I could do that would be fun and enjoyable. If others liked it then great. If no one else wanted to do it but me, whatever! I think it'd be really cool to become a personal trainer someday though and affect the lives of others like me so I can tell them things like hey - I know exactly how it feels because I've been in your shoes so many times before! I think its much easier to relate to someone you know has struggled than someone who has had the perfect body all their life.

Anyways... back on the subject of new meal ideas. Here are some more pics of things I have been trying recently.

I had this wrap for lunch today and made it out of an Ole Xtreme Wellness Tomato Basil tortilla. I filled it with light string cheese which i heated up in the microwave and then added some deli ham, tomatoes, and sprinkled with Mrs Dash Tomato Basil Garlic. It was sooo good. I just bought that new seasoning last night and I absolutely love it! 158 calories

These were Pepperidge Farm Baked Naturals multigrain cracker chips with Santa Barbara Bay Roasted Garlic Ranch dip for 250 calories total. I got the dip from walmart in a 2 pack that also came with spinach artichoke dip which is just as tasty!

I shared this the other day but my egg whites turned out much pretty in this picture so I had to share it again. lol. This is 2 servings of All Whites with Great Value Taco seasoned Cheese and ham cooked inside of them and a side of Turkey Bacon.  176 calories.

Here is a photo from when I broiled pork chops seasoned with Mrs Dash Garlic and Herb. I roasted the asparagus and sprinkled it with a touch of salt, garlic, and then parmesan cheese. The corn was just canned golden sweet corn. This plate was 363 calories.

This was actually a quick and easy microwaveable dinner. Healthy Choice Steamers Lemon Herb Chicken. It was much tastier than I anticipated. The pasta was a decent texture and the sauce was very delicious. The chicken tasted just like chicken and the veggies were very good. lol. 210 calories

Here I used the Xtreme Wellness Tomato Basil tortillas again but this time to eat some John Soules Chicken fajitas. I topped it with some taco flavored cheese, diced tomatoes, and slices of avocado. I was low on calories for the day so I had a rather large serving of each so the calories on this were 550.

Tonight I made my first pork roast in the crockpot and it came out really great. The meat was just falling apart and oh so delicious. I took some pictures of it too but haven't gotten them off my camera yet. I'll post them another time. :)


  1. All of those meals look amazing and soooooo healthy. I especially like the first and last photos and I will be trying them. :) YUM!! Anyway, I am a new follower. Just found your blog so I will be backtracking to catch up with all about you.

    Kristen aka The Misc Mom

    1. Thanks. Those two both use the wellness tortillas I recently found at my local walmart. They only have 68 calories per tortilla! I was in total awe when I saw that. haha. I want to use them for everything now. :) Welcome to my blog. There's plenty of tabs up across the top to help you get aquainted with me and my story, but feel free to browse through my old posts as well.

  2. Looking good! Way to go at doing so well!