Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mmmm protein...

Well week 3 has begun for me and today was the first day I decided to start drinking my protein shakes again. I finally started upping my workouts to something a little more physical so I figured it was probably best to make sure I'm getting enough protein to help build my muscles back up and recover after exercising them. I did 50 minutes of a kickboxing routine today. It's called Kickbox Bootcamp and it's in the 10 Minute Solution series so it was divided in to 5 ten minute workouts. I originally started it thinking I would only do the first couple then I was pumped by the 3rd and thought okay I'll round it off with a nice half hour routine but then the next was playing and I still felt good so I did it anyways. It was a much tougher one though so I modified a lot of the movements. After that there was only one left and it was ab work on the floor so I figured I might as well just complete the whole thing. It felt good to get it all over with. I still feel like I should do something else later today. Maybe go outside for a walk or just hit up the elliptical or both.


  1. "They" always say that if you're not into it, to just start and before you know it, you're done! Awesome job going above and beyond what you planned on doing!

    1. Too true. I always find myself dreading doing things until im actually doing it and then im like man why didnt i start this hours ago?! lol