Friday, January 11, 2013

Staying busy

I've been meaning to come update you guys here but I seem to keep staying busy this week. I've continued to keep track of my eating habits and am still exercising but there were a couple days when I only exercised for about 5 minutes because my day was just so full of other things. I didn't actually start doing any workout dvds until yesterday. I was planning to pop in an easy Crunch series workout but ended up opting for something I hadn't tried in a long time. I did a TurboJam Ab routine. It was fun and nice to start working on other areas of my body again. Today so far all I have done is some exercise ball moves. I did about 15 minutes of random ab work and also used my 3lb hand weights to include my arms and shoulders, triceps and biceps. I do intend on getting some more workouts in later this evening.

 As far as the foods I'm eating go, I have been trying a few new ideas lately to try and keep my mouth and tummy as excited as my brain is about getting back to healthy again. lol. Here is some lemon pepper fish we had on Wednesday night.

I baked it in a glass pan covered with foil and soaking in lemon juice with some lemon pepper seasonings sprinkled on top. I also made some Uncle Ben's Long Grain and Wild ready rice to eat with it and some golden sweet corn. It was absolutely delicious and I for sure will be trying this again. If I knew ahead of time how little the amount of calories in it was then I would have had a second helping of fish. I ended up way below my calorie count for the day and had to go eat something else to get where I needed to be.

Last night I wasn't quite as fortunate with my dinner. I ended up making kabobs and roasted asparagus sprinkled with garlic and parmesan. They looked great when I was making them.

I used beef stew meat that I had soaking in a marinade of orange pineapple juice, soy sauce,  extra light olive oil, and a few random steak seasonings along with some medium sized shrimp that was already peeled and deveined and I removed the tails from. I added pineapples and a cherry tomato to each skewer. After these were all prepared I stuck them in the oven to broil while I started prepping the next batch. My father and I enjoy all of these ingredients, however my fiance does not like pineapple and my mother doesn't like shrimp so I did each of theirs without those respective foods. Well, as I was making theirs I didn't watch ours as closely near the end of the broiling time and so when I did pull them out of the oven they were a bit blackened to say the least.

I thought they might be okay, but as they sat out in the air for a little bit they dried up pretty fast. The shrimp was shriveled and almost nonexistent anymore. The beef was hard as a rock in most spots. The pineapple and tomato were both still very juicy and tasty though. I had never had grilled/roasted tomato before and it was an interesting taste. I think I enjoy them more fresh but I would eat them again this way. The beef and shrimp would have probably been better if I had dipped them in bbq or ranch or something to distract from the burnt, lol, but I wasn't about to add any more calories so I just ate them as is. My mother's and my fiance's batch turned out better but were still a little bit dry in the meat department. Maybe next time I should either use a different style of beef or marinate it longer or both. Possibly just do chicken instead. 

Oh well, I lived and I learned here. I'm still proud of myself for trying new things. I'm really looking forward to all the new recipes I get to try this year. Do any of you have any particular suggestions for me? Maybe something with chicken or pork?


  1. I LOVE roasting vegetables. I'll slice zucchini, chop up some cauliflower or broccoli, throw in some grape tomatoes, then toss them with maybe 1T oil, some seasonings and parmesan cheese. 400* until they're as brown as you want them to be (I never time them!), tossing once or twice during cooking. The tomatoes are delicious this way!!!

    1. So far I like asparagus and tomatoes this way. I dont normally like zuchinni, cauliflower, or cooked broccoli though. lol.