Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Staying on track

Okay. I got a late start waking up today, but I think I'm back on track with things for now. I had 2 eggs and some turkey bacon for breakfast. I then did 15 minutes on my elliptical. The goal was 10 minutes but that's when I really started feeling the sweat build up so I thought of one of those recent pictures I have posted that says "when it starts getting tough is when it really counts" or something like that. I know Jillian Michaels says in a lot of her videos, too something like - When it hurts, that's when your body is actually pushed to make changes. If you don't push past what feels like your limits then you can't break through them.

Anyways. After that I still felt great but I was regretting not sticking in my headphones first so I went and grabbed my mp3 player and then headed out the door for a walk. The baby was still sleeping next to Sparky and Jett was inside playing with his cousins. I also went further than I originally intended with walking. Each time I got to a hill I decided I should jog up it. It was very cold outside, but I didn't wear a jacket and made sure I was walking fast enough to keep myself semi-warm. When I started feeling more chilly, that's when I'd pump my arms and legs faster. I carried a water bottle with me, so while I was walking, I was also switching it between hands and doing different triceps and biceps exercises and stretches for my chest, shoulders, and back. I even added some twists to get a little bit of midsection included. After I got home I had half a can of Progresso Steak burger soup. I've just been drinking water and sweet tea made with Splenda all morning. I almost slipped up and grabbed some sparkling red grape juice first thing today, but then I stopped myself and put it back in the fridge saying - hey don't screw up on your first day back in the swing of things! lol.

So far my calorie count for today is at 410. I am hoping to stay as close to 1200 calories per day as possible. It's been just over 4 months since Bethany was born. We are all over being sick, now. I feel like I'm getting plenty of rest again. I'm gonna loosely have a schedule each day of what I need to be doing to stay on track. I think if I work out in the mornings and get it out of the way then I wont have a million things I still need to do at night before bed and find an excuse to not do it.


  1. Wow nice job! Way to go with the extra effort on the elliptical...I hate that thing, so I'm super impressed! And that walk looks great too, I did a New Year's day 5K walk and it was chilly, but I warmed up as soon as I got going, so I can relate to the "if you're cold, it means you need to go faster" idea!