Friday, January 4, 2013

A new motto

Well yesterday morning I had high hopes for myself but around noon things started slowly shifting south and then quickly picked up in to the evening hours. To say I had a bad day was to say the least.

I had plans to attend one last Christmas family meetup this past Sunday but got rescheduled to Thursday because we had all been sick and were still getting over it on Sunday. Well for some strange reason my Aunt decided we should meet at Pizza hut. I knew this ahead of time and tried to prepare myself mentally for eating at a pizza buffet only 3 days back in to my routine. I started out great. Then we sat there for awhile longer and so I got up for another plate. Then they were still gabbing on and on about random stuff so I got another plate. Then another. I don't want to even know how many calories were consumed. Of course they weren't all pizza. I did get lots of cottage cheese and peaches. I had carrots and pickles and tomatoes as well. I did have my fair share of pizza and desert pizza though, too.

I got some pretty devastating news later in the day and that's when things began to entirely spiral out of control. I ate and ate and ate. I knew better. I kept telling myself that just because I had ruined the earlier part of the day was no reason to continue sabotaging myself. Mentally, I knew exactly what I needed to do. Physically, I couldn't stop myself from drowning my sorrows in food. Which of course only upset me more. I then became upset because of ruining my own day and that just made matters worse. I wanted to exercise all day but never once got around to it.

That was yesterday. I admit I was too ashamed to come blog about it at the time. However, I've always said here that I want to share my true journey. The good and the bad. I knew I would be telling on myself here today.

Today has been sooo much better. I again had to leave the house but this time I kept things under control. I ate a boiled egg and an apple for breakfast. A few hours later I had a granola bar for a snack. At lunch my mom stopped to get Mcdonald's for Jett but I told her I couldn't eat there so we got our lunch at subway. I refrained from getting the extra tasty bread and just chose wheat. I then made sure to order the lowest calorie sandwich I could find on the menu. I had turkey and ham and even held the cheese for a change. I chose mustard as my dressing to cut calories there, too. I was proud of myself for those decisions and enjoyed my sandwich even though I could smell the strong aroma of Mcdonald's fries in the back seat the whole time.

When we got home I stepped on the elliptical and then also did some time on the treadmill. I had popcorn for a snack and then took off for a stroll down my neighborhood with my fiance and babygirl. I am currently sitting at 637 calories and wondering what I should have for dinner now. :)

Anyways though... sometime today as I was lost in thought while walking I decided that I have a new motto for myself. If you didn't sweat, then you didn't try hard enough.


  1. Hope everything is alright <3 Getting back into a healthy routine is tough! Some slip-ups happen. Just pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and get right back at it! You can do this :)

  2. At least you blogged about it and you admitted it to yourself. I find that that is the hardest thing to do because sometimes when we are the only ones that know what we did we try to hide and that is when we don't learn. So well done to you

  3. Thanks. Things are looking better now but we still aren't in the clear just yet. Hopefully by the end of this next week we'll be okay. And yeah I knew I had to come out with it or I was just going to keep on finding excuses.

  4. Awe sorry last week was rough, hopefully this week is better!