Tuesday, January 8, 2013

One week down!

Alright here it is one week after jumping back on the wagon towards my healthier lifestyle. I'm feeling great and have remained eating well minus the mishap on Thursday. I stepped on the scale this morning to see where I'm at and am down 3.8 lbs already. I weighed in today at 244.4 lbs. Not too shabby considering there was a whole day in there where I completely sabotaged myself. I also have been trying to take things easy this time around and so I feel that is a very reasonable number for me. Today I'm going to start back on some dvds I know I can handle. Maybe in another week or so I will feel up to tryin the 30 Day Shred again or the Biggest Loser Last Chance Workout. Speaking of BL. I'm about to go watch Sunday night's premiere. I've never really watched the show before now but I'm excited to start. I'm hoping it'll get me super motivated today and I'll go workout right after its over. I'd workout while watching it if my exercise equipment was in the same room. I may do some random exercises in front of the tv though anyways. :) Hope everyone else is having a great day! I'm glad Jett is finally back in school now, too. It was great having him home but I love that he gets so much time at school to be around other children his own age. :)


  1. Congrats on your weight loss!! You are doing so good!! Keep it up!!

  2. Good job on the loss!!!! Rock on sister! I am scared to try the 30 day Shred LOL:) I have it but have never tried it, I'm too chicken! Maybe someday! :) Keep up the hard work!!

  3. Thanks ladies. I have tried the 30 day shred a few times before and its definitely kicked my ass in to gear. Jillian don't play. lol. I like that you will notice a difference in your abilities almost every single day though. I could always do one more rep or push for 5 more seconds or raise up that much higher, etc each day and it was awesome.