Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sick Sucks!

Ugh.... been slowly but surely getting sick all week. This morning it seems to have hit me full on. My son ran a high fever late Saturday night so I took him to the Emergency Room and they decided that even though the test came back negative that it looked too much like Strep throat so they were giving him antibiotics and said to keep giving motrin for any pain. Well he's had this awful cough along with it and so I went ahead and got an appt with his regular doctor and we went there yesterday afternoon. He didnt even test him again and just said well here let me prescribe you some cough medicine and just keep taking the antibiotics, too. Hopefully that helps control things but I've had strep twice before and right now does not feel like either time I had strep. When I had it I felt completely like I was dying. This just feels like a terrible cough and deep congestion with sinus issues. Baby girl has been coughing for the last 3 days now, too. Her doctor has been too booked and we can't seem to get an appointment. I want to try and get her some baby vicks though and some vapor bath wash stuff to see if that helps her out.

Been so busy dealing with sick kids and sick me that I've not really exercised much. On Tuesday, I managed to walk 4 miles. I was trying to map out my run for Katie's, over at Runs for Cookies, virtual 5k this Friday. It's going to be her 31st birthday and since a 5k is 3.1 miles she thought it was a great way to celebrate. She already has well over 700 people from all over the world signed up to run/walk it! Head on over to her blog to sign up if you wanna join us and go ahead and print you out a bib to wear too to really get the feel of it! :) I really felt like jogging at the time I started that morning but I made myself walk the entire thing because I wanted to get a good feel for how much time it was going to take me if I absolutely couldnt pick up the pace. lol. I managed to walk 4 miles in an hour and 20 minutes. Not a great time but I suppose it could be worse. Should be easy enough to improve on though. That puts me at about 20 minutes per mile so as long as I do some jogging throughout the 5k on Friday than I should easily make it under my goal time of less than one hour.

Wednesday there was no working out at all and I've yet to do anything today either. My eating has been well still though and I have been doing housework. Hopefully I can manage something later today though.


  1. I signed up/did it too. Hope you are better by now!

    1. thanks love! i am mostly. i keep meaning to update but all the sickness had me postponing things including laundry and dishes, etc so i had to get all caught up on those the last few days. lol.