Friday, March 10, 2017

Bragging rights

For the most part, in my day to day life, I am not mentioning that I am on a weightloss journey. I go to work with the same few people I have spent the last 3 years working with each and every day and don't want to say a word to them about it until someone first says something to me about noticing my appearance has changed. The one thing I have mentioned is that I gave up soda. A few of my coworkers have said they were giving it up and I mentioned that I had done the same and left it at that. Of course every now and then I see them having one anyways and saying well I went without for 3 days or whatever... The conversation this morning that I overheard goes as follows Teacher 1, as she is trying to put a dollar in to the vending machine: I haven't had a soda in a while but today is Friday! Teacher 2: You have been doing so well, so you deserve it! My thought process is immediately - what? You are doing so well let's sabotage ourself?! But I don't say anything because well we aren't exactly close friends and I kinda feel in a mental competition with this person. Even more so because I recently took over her job. She has mentioned multiple times to everyone that will listen that she is working out or heading to the gym or whatever and then usually later in the day talking about how she is gonna eat better tomorrow because today she wants to go have mexican food for lunch or any other multitude of excuses. To myself I am thinking two things. 1, she is clearly sabotaging herself. 2, I am gonna start becoming noticeably thinner in the coming months and everyone else at work will finally be talking about how great I look. lol. She mentioned yesterday that she lost 6 lbs and everyone was like oh you look awesome. I can't tell a difference yet. I hate to be so competitive or catty, but at least its just inside my head and I am not actually running my mouth to anyone but my blog and my husband. I feel good keeping myself motivated though without having to brag to anyone about it. Of course I brag on myself here, but that's what this thing is for! :)

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