Sunday, March 5, 2017

Today sounds so much better than yesterday!

Saw this quote on facebook and thought wow that totally sums up how I am feeling right now!

It even feels so much better!

This morning I stepped on the scale to reveal myself meeting my 3rd short term goal I have listed over there in the sidebar!

I reached 270 lbs and am now at a loss of 23 since the beginning of the year/ That makes for a total loss of 30 lbs since my highest recorded weight! It feels pretty amazing. I am starting to see the changes in my skin and belly shape once again finally. February may have been a kind of slow moving dud of a month, but March is starting out on the right foot!

I think that I was getting a little stale using the same brand of workout videos over and over. I really loved the wide variety and the style of teaching used of this one kind called Lumowell fitness that I found on amazon with my prime membership. However, I felt like it was time to change things up a bit and found myself scrolling through all kinds of workouts. I thought maybe what I needed was a dance video to get myself moving and grooving. I stumbled across some "Jesus hip hop" type workouts whose slogan was Shape what the Father gave ya and couldn't resist watching to see what that was about. I found that it was actually pretty decent dancing, but there was not really any teaching going on. They just expected you to know what they were doing and to follow along. Then I saw some How to Twerk video and just had to try my hand at that. Hahaha. It was amusing to say the least. After looking at a Zumba concert series I decided that the dance videos available to me through prime were not really anything I could or wanted to do. I tried searching again just for workout videos and found something called the 21 day transformation. There are 10 episodes, so I assume there must be some type of program that goes along with it, but figured I would give the first one a try today since it was only 18 minutes long. It may have been short, but it sure got after it. I was sweating pretty bad by the time it was over and look forward to seeing what is in store for episode 2 tomorrow.

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