Saturday, September 3, 2011

Frame size

So while catching up on my blog reading this morning I stumbled upon slimkatie's latest post over at Runs for cookies. She happened to mention her doctor commenting on how tiny her frame size was now and she had always assumed when she was bigger that she had a large frame size, too. And how finding out she was really petite all along was such a nice surprise.

Well, this got me to thinking about how I'm fairly sure I am of a larger frame size too and that it would be a bit of a shock to me if I found out I was actually a smaller frame size. I've used calculator's online before and they all said measure your wrist to find out your frame size. Well I was using this one today.. and it gave me a confusing result.

Your Results:
Unfortunately, the wrist and elbow methods do not agree with each other. The wrist method says that you have a broad body frame while the elbow method says that you have a thin body frame.

So now what? lol. I have no idea which to go by but of course they are all just a guess anyways and we will see whenever I lose all the rest of this weight. I imagine that I could be of a medium build then? I just felt I always had such broad hips and shoulders so it was natural I think I have a larger frame. Though my mom's half of the family is from Korea so they are all tiny Asian people. I seen pictures of my mom in her early 20s and she was quite petite back in the day!

Do you know your frame size? Do you think you'll be surprised to find out it was different than you thought? Have any of you who've already lost the weight been shocked to see such a huge difference in how little you are now?


  1. This is mine...Unfortunately, the wrist and elbow methods do not agree with each other. The wrist method says that you have a broad body frame while the elbow method says that you have a medium body frame.

    I've always thought that I have a medium frame. I've always had hips, butt, and thighs even when I was a preteen.

  2. Using the same test, I received the same results as you. I've always considered myself to have a large frame, but really not sure. My family has both large and thin framed women, so who knows. Right now, I am a blob.

  3. hmmm definitely some interesting results. I wonder which is more accurate then the hips or the elbow.

  4. I gave the calculator a go and I was told "The wrist and elbow methods agree that you have a medium body frame" which was a bit of a surprise. I have always been the girl classed as 'big boned' even though the other members of my family would be classed as medium or small framed. That said, I think this was some people's way of trying to make me feel better that I was just plain ol' fat... As I lose more weight I am inclined to agree that I may just be medium framed after all!? Thanks for the link Jen.

  5. Medium frame

    I know I wasn't a thin frame....hell I have birthing hips for

  6. It's funny you are mentioning this; I too recently tried to figure this out. I always thought I was a large frame size, but have recently used the elbow test (which put me at a medium to large frame) and the wrist test (which put me at a small frame). My husband says, "Well, I guess that makes you medium!"

  7. lol well glad i could help ladies!! :) I've got some huge birthing hips myself Bonnie but I don't mind at those at all! :)

  8. My results are reversed from yours.When I was first losing wight the wrist method said that I had a big frame and now it says that I have a thin frame. The elbow method says that I have a broad frame. I have lost 66 pounds. I don't thing we will officially know until we get into a healthy weight range because weight comes off everyone in different places.

    Check out my blog so we can support each other!

  9. @Lorrie B.

    Yeah i'm positive it'll be totally different when I reach a normal BMI haha. Its just fun to try these sorts of tests and get a guestimate. Even if it's wayyy off! lol