Monday, September 5, 2011

Improving my speed and a little pick-me-up!

I'm in such a fantastic mood today!!! The weather is absolutely gorgeous here. Yesterday when I walked outside I noticed the wind had picked up and it was finally starting to feel like fall. It kept up all day long like that and it was just great. Last night it even began to sprinkle a bit and I happened to be out on my nightly walk when it started to rain on me about 1/2 a mile from my house. I was jogging half of my walk anyways so I ended up just running the rest of the way back home. It was such an exhilarating experience to be caught out in the rain. Especially now since here where I live in Texas it hasn't really rained barely any at all since May! It was very welcome last night!

After the rain stopped and it got dark outside the wind was still blowing like crazy and I couldn't resist just going out to sit in the front yard and enjoy the weather. I even ended up laying down in the grass and just staring up at the stars and moon. It was such a perfect night and with my son away at his grandparent's for the evening I was able to clear my head and be at peace with my thoughts.

This morning was even better than the one before! The rain has cooled the temps off by another 10 degrees at least and so it was actually not too hot to go walking in the middle of the morning again finally!! I was so excited. I strapped on my mp3 player and headed out the door. All the best songs were coming on, the sky was clear and perfect. The sun was shining but the wind was blowing so hard that I barely even sweated until I made it home. I feel like it was so much easier to control my breathing with the wind constantly in my face, too. I ran much further than I anticipated I would and ever faster than I thought, too. I ended up doing 4.12 miles in an hour and 2 minutes. This is the first time I've had a pace of 4 mph! I'm so excited and ready to start seriously looking up a 5k near me!

As for the little pick-me-up... well.. That is exactly what it is I'm talking about. I went to visit a close guy friend of mine yesterday who was being a little overly flirty with me at the time I showed up and he ended up literally picking me up. *_* That may not sound like something out of the ordinary for the skinny minnies out there who get picked up and tossed around all the time by guys or whatever. lol. But oh man. I had this instant panick in my head that said OMG you're way too big for him to be picking you up, but as instantly as that popped in - it went right back as i said to myself oh wait dummy you just lost 88 lbs, I think he'll be fine! Lmfao. Seriously though... the big girl I used to be never got picked up by guys hardly ever. Sure I had some boyfriends of mine try to tough it out and pretend to be all strong and try to lift me but it didnt always work out so well and they'd tumble or something. Well not this time. He threw me over his shoulders and carried me all the way to his bed before plopping me down. lol. It's the little things like this that I never knew how bad I missed. The last time a guy successfully carried me anywhere was like 2007. And now I'm 40 lbs lighter than I was back then! This is definitely getting added to the list I'm creating about little changes I'm so happy for!


  1. Aw that must have been an amazing feeling! I cant wait until Chris can scoop me up in his arms. I never really realized how bad I wanted that until I read your post and how I could just feel your happiness and excitement over it.

    As for the weather there. It sounds BEAUTIFUL. It's still really gorgeous here. Summer weather maintains but there is just a little bit of a bite in the air that lets you know it's not August anymore, which makes me sad but the ability to go walking outside of stupid o'clock am and bear food pm is great!


  3. I'm distracted by the font on your blog... its sooooo pretty lol I cant say I've EVER had a boyfriend pick me up before .... such a cute and unexpected mood lifter :0)

  4. @fatgirlinaskinnyworld

    ooh good! sometimes i'm not sure if my feelings come across well enough in my writing but glad to see my excitement was definitely shown. haha. And yah I'm most excited that I finalyl get to be outside in the middle of the day again! It's supposed to be this nice all week. yay

  5. @Teresa

    Soon, I'm sure hon!! Keep up the good work and you'll be in his arms before you know it. :)

  6. @Carbie Girl

    Thanks love, I just changed it to this font when I madeover my whole blog last week. lol.

    Very unexpected for sure! You'll have to talk someone in to picking you up sometime. There's nothing like it! lol

  7. So happy for you and this NSV!! Ahh I remember when my husband and I first started dating 11 years ago and he would do that all the time....of course then I was 165 and it wasn't a huge deal, now HA!

  8. @Becca

    ahhh to be 165 someday... a dream of mine thats hopefully just a couple months away. im sure soon enough your hubby will be able to pick you up again and bring all those memories flooding back sparking things in your marriage up even more. not that they arent still sparked.. i mean hey ya'll been together 11 years.. somethings going right! :)