Saturday, September 3, 2011

Mmm homemade bread...

So I just heard from my friend over at Fat Chick Fed Up that there is a Nutrimill giveaway going on right now. Reading her post and seeing how easy it is to use makes me really want one now too! You guys should check it out! It's being given away here by Heavenly Homemakers and from Paula's bread.

In other news... I feel soooo run down with Aunt flow in town. Bleh! Haven't done very much working out at all the past few days but managing to eat alright and maintain weight for now so I'm not too worried. I've gotten a lot of other things done today though. I cleaned out and rearranged the fridge. Yay. Gonna get some dishes done and some laundry, too. Today is going to be productive. No labor day weekend plans for us. I'm going to go get my grocery list together now that today is the day my SNAP benefits are renewed for the month and gonna see what kind of delicious and nutritious things I can stock up on for me and Jett without getting run over by all the crazy holiday traffic hopefully.

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