Sunday, September 11, 2011

Say hi to Chels!

So I actually have a new blogger friend that I know in real life who lives not too far away from me. Hopefully pretty soon we'll get to spend some time together working out and walking and whatnot! Anyways.. she just started her healthy living journey today and has her blog up and running now so go leave her some comment love and support! I know you guys are always looking for others on similar journeys to bettering ourselves and we can all do well to help keep her on track and doing good!

As for me.... I had a great weekend but overindulged last night at my bestie's birthday party. Today is going to be all about redemption. Time to hit the ground running and push myself forward in to the new week on a good foot!

I'll leave you all with this

"Oprah is a Cabbage Rose
Gwyneth is a lily
Logic very clearly proves
That dieting is silly.
The Bassett's built for comfort
The Greyhound's built for speed.
They both possess a perfect shape
On that we are agreed.
The humming bird is made for flight
The peacock for display
Both beautiful, but really not
The same in any way.
The pony is a tiny horse
The Clydesdale is immense
And jealousy between them
Would not make any sense.
Don't yearn to be a different breed
There won't be any prizes
For Beauty is a fickle lass
And comes in lots of sizes!"
by Katherine Derengowski (KLD 6/11)


  1. Love the poem! Definitely copying it down for myself to keep in mind. :)

  2. i love it too! I just found it in picture form now too!

  3. Thanks Jenn (: I already feel great about having more support then what I just currently have at home! I'm about to update my blog for how today went as well. Nice poem too.