Sunday, May 8, 2011

50 lbs down and met another goal!!

I actually did this on Friday, but I went out of town shortly after my weigh-in and didn't have a chance to update.

But man... I feel amazing!!!

I reached 223 lbs and so that put me exactly at 50 lbs down and i surpassed my next short term goal of being 225 lbs which is how much I weighed before I got pregnant with Jett.

I can now fit in to all the old clothes that I held on to. I have a lot of shirts and a few swimsuits and dresses that I couldn't wear but couldnt bear to let go of either. Well now I can wear them and it feels great!! I got rid of all my old jeans though so I'm still wearing super baggy pants for now, haha.

To be completely honest with myself though, I have gone back up a few pounds since then. Like I said, I went out of town. Well I didn't have any extra time for exercise and I ate what was given to me since I was staying with friends all weekend and wasn't about to start demanding they only feed me certain foods at certain times, lol. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and had a wonderful weekend so I let my eating and exercising habits slide for the last couple days. Now that I'm back home though I am counting calories again and working my butt off to sweat off those extra pounds. I don't feel too terrible about the gain because I feel like I really deserved to have this weekend just be enjoyable and completely carefree. I know that if I want good results then I need to put in the work of course, but a break every once in a while is not going to completely kill my plans or motivation to continue this because I refuse to let it. I am taking my time to do things the right way and so if I slip a little on the way I think that's only natural and stressing out over it will not help me out in the long run.

I still wanted to make this update about reaching 50 lbs dropped and my next goal though becuase I did work really hard to get there and don't feel that I shouldn't share that accomplishment just because I tripped up a little after getting there.


  1. jen, you are doing so absolutely amazing with this and I am so glad for you. Don't worry about the not having a lot of clothes that fit well right now cause once you get down to your goal weight all of us supporting you are going to be dying to buy you new clothes. Also, maybe check out the goodwill. Good buys for cheap, especially if you don't plan on fitting them for long. I am so very happy for you and still wishing you the best. You go Girl!

  2. Wooooo! Meeting goals is such an awesome feeling!

  3. aww thank you ang!! im not too worried about clothes not fitting well right now. im actually enjoying it and that new belt i got is coming in handy haha! i love the goodwill but they've never had a huge selection of clothes my size before. i know they will the smaller i get though so i am excited to be able to get really good deals at places like that!! :)

    and yes Sarah! WOO freakin HOO! its been over 2 months since i hit my last goal so it felt like it was about freakin time already! haha. thanks!!

  4. Congratulations on the 50 lbs!! Keep it up I'm sure you can do it!! You're an inspiration to so many out there!

  5. Thank you Marlee!! I get choked up every single time someone tells me that. It gives me all the more motivation to keep going and working hard to continue to be that inspiration to anyone who sees me that way. I totally appreciate you taking the time to stop and say so!

  6. Hey Poison I saw you commented on my blog, thanks for coming by! You can absolutely link me if you want, I'd be honored!! And if you or anyone has any questions feel free to email me, I mean this is what I want to do for a living, so I'd love to hear how your progress is coming!