Friday, May 27, 2011

Self Control

So last night my family decided to take me out to a new chinese resturaunt in town and I knew it was going to be a challenge. They've been talking wanting to go there for weeks so I was expecting it to happen any day now and as my mom came home yesterday morning declaring she didnt have to work this thursday i figured that yesterday was most likely going to be the day. Well I ate well all throughout the day without limiting myself too much just like it was any regular day and by the time dinner rolled around i was right at 800 calories for the day so i knew i only had 400-600 left to consume. I have no idea how many calories are in chinese sauces and foods and stuff but i did my best at guessing and keeping my plate as balanced as i could. There was a mongolian grill where you got to pick raw meats and veggies and hand them over so they could cook it right then and there for you. That was the best thing in the entire place. Their buffet was actually kinda dry and looked like it had been sitting there all day long. bleh. So luckily it was easy for me to just look at some things and say ohhh helll no i dont think so! I did enjoy a small bit of food from the mongolian grill though and oh man that was soo delicious! I think next time we go there, thats probably the only food i will be eating! All in all, I think I did extremely well considering all my past trips to chinese resturaunts. I remember the last time I went out to eat with my family at our favorite chinese place and stepping on the scale next day i was up 5 lbs!!! I have been working way too hard for way too long to get over this hump and out of the 220s so I stuck to my guns and didnt over indulge this time. I drank tons of water and sat patiently waiting for my family to finish their 3 and 4 plates of scrumptious foods and ice cream and everything.. trying not to drool too much. lol. It wasnt as much torture as I thought it would be though. Although my eyes were still huge and begging for more food, my tummy was actually full so I knew if i did try to squeeze anything else in there I'd have to run to the bathroom just to make room. lol.

Anyways... I am very proud to say that not only did I not gain a single pound yesterday, I still lost 0.7 lb! I did day 7 of the shred and 30 mins of morning cardio and then just before bed last night to make absolute sure i was taking care of any possible extra calories consumed at dinner i went ahead and did 20 more minutes of cardio.

As far as my weight goes... I am still at 220 lbs. My scale is being a huge tease to me!!! I have been 220 point something the last 2 days and today i was 220.0, so tomorrow i am determined to see that scale say at least 219.9 at the highest!! lol. I think my body is learning to adapt to my routines a lot faster than I anticipated. I think its got level 1 of the shred down so its burning less calories and not working as hard since its used to it, i can't wait for day 11 to get here now. When i start level 2, I am hoping it really jumpstarts my body and kicks it back in to high gear. I think after I finish doing the shred I am going to have to try and change my routine at least every week if not more often, just to stay on top of things. I don't mind of course, but I didn't really know this before and I'm learning as I go what works for me. I think this is going to work and do wonders for my metabolism, etc... I can only hope anyways. :)

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